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How to optimize log and bandwidth processing frequency[edit]

To configure WHM to only process logs once a day, use the configuration options shown in the image below. If you are using mod_pagespeed you will want to process logs as in-frequently as possible to avoid constantly restarting apache, which will clear any mod_pagespeed caches, which means lower performance. You can find all of these settings in WHM under "Server Configuration" >> "Statistics Software Configuration".

Whm statistics software configuration schedule optimization.png

In addition to setting the frequency of log and bandwidth processing, you should also configure what times to NOT process these logs. I suggest checking all times during the day, and leave late night / early morning boxes unchecked.

Whm statistics software configuration statistics processing times.png

This configuration provides the least amount of Apache restarts. If you have a ton of cPanel accounts and slow storage, you may want to leave a few more boxes un-check to give more time to log processing.

You should also check the box for "Prevent cpanellogd (Log Processing) and cpbackup (Backups) from running at same time". This will ensure that your server is not processing logs, generating stats and running backups at the same time. If your server has tons of resources to spare then this may not be an issue, but if you have tons of accounts on a server, make sure you also enable this option.