CPanel Tweak Settings Optimization Guide

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cPanel Tweak Settings Overview[edit]

This page is meant for WHM 11.46.0. Most of these settings should still be available in older versions, however please make sure you check what version you are using before you begin to modify any of the settings I am listing here.

The Tweak settings page has a ton of different options, not all of them are worth looking into or changing. Some settings can help to improve server performance by disabling functions or services that may or may not be needed. Some examples of this are website stats, do you really need 3 different stats programs running? Probably not!

I'm going to assume that you are here because you want to slim down cPanel as much as possible but still have some of the functionality that cPanel offers.

Tweak Settings: cPAddons Site Software[edit]

I don't really use cPAddons so I really don't know what to tweak here. I don't see anything listed that sounds like it could hurt performance or cause cPanel to use a lot of resources. You could look into turning off cPAddons Site Software source automatic updates but I'm not sure it's worth it. If someone does install something using this then you will want to make sure the most up to date version of whatever they install is on your server and not some old version.

Tweak Settings: Compression[edit]

Use pigz[edit]

It sounds like this is a great thing to enable if you do a lot of backups. Considering this is cPanel, and you are using it, odds are you will have at least a few accounts. Pigz is indeed faster and if you have a server with more than 1 vCPU or CPU you should use this AND raise the number of Pigz processes to match your cpu count.For my VPS, I have 2 CPUs so I set this to 2.

WHM Tweak Settings Compression.png

Tweak Settings: Display[edit]

Default login theme[edit]

If you use a mobile device such as a tablet or phone to access WHM or a cPanel account, you might want to change the default login theme to "mobile". I have not tried this yet, however it could help with the overall responsiveness of cPanel.

WHM Tweak Settings Display.png

Otherwise there is nothing else in the display area to mess around with at this time. If you have hundreds of cpanel accounts and you want to be able to view all of them in one very long list you can raise the limit here to whatever you want. This might cause the list accounts page to take a while to load but it shouldn't crash the server unless it's already overloaded.