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This page will focus on Hearthstone card combinations that I've found to be very effective when played correctly. I've been playing Hearthstone for a few months casually, but have recently become addicted to the game, so I figure I might as well make some wiki pages about it ;)

Expect this page to change a lot, for now I am just using the page as a place to document my findings.

Echoing Ooze Combos[edit]

Echoing Ooze is an Epic (purple) Hearthstone card. This can be a very powerful minion if you play your cards right! Echoing Ooze will create an exact copy of itself at the end of your current turn. If you use another Minion or Spell to boost Echoing Ooze's stats before it gets copied, the buffed stats will also apply to the newly copied Ooze! Because there are a lot of low cost Minions that provide +1 or even +2 attack, it makes sense to wait a few turns until you can give Echoing Ooze a boost. If you play it on it's own it is still a powerful card, but you are missing out on the huge amount of potential the Minion could have.

In my super fancy chart below you can see what some of the early game Minions options are for boosting stats. For now the links all point to the cards info page on hearthpwn.com but eventually I will make my own pages for all the cards.

Minions Abusive Sergeant Crazed Alchemist Dire Alpha Wolf Master Swordsmith
Mana 1 2 2 2
Attack/HP 2/1 2/2 2/2 1/3
Buff +2 Attack for 1 Minion 1 turn Swap 1 Minion's Attack/HP +1 Attack for adjacent Minions +1 Attack every turn for 1 random Minion
Rarity White Blue White Blue

If you want to try and pull off some crazy multi combo with all of the cards listed above, you will need a total of 7 Mana, and obviously all the cards in your hand. If you have the Magic Ring, you could potentially pull this off on turn 6, but the odds of that happening are probably not super great.

I find that if you can hold out for the first 4 rounds, not plan any minions and just pick off the Enemy's minions with your Hero Power. I like to play as a Mage, so I will just sit there and take some hits from the weak early game minions while I save up my cards in hopes of a big combo. I usually only do that if I already have Echoing Ooze and at least 1 buff Minion.