How To Use EmbedVideo

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How To Install EmbedVideo Extension for MediaWiki

Navigate to your Extensions directory under the root of your MediaWiki directory. Then download the EmbedVideo .zip file and extract it. Rename to EmbedVideo

cd /home/$user/www/wiki/extensions
mv mediawiki-embedvideo-2.1.4/ EmbedVideo/

Set permissions for EmbedVideo

chown -R $user. EmbedVideo/

Enable EmbedVideo in MediaWiki's LocalSettings.php

vim /home/$user/www/wiki/LocalSettings.php

##Add this line

require_once "$IP/extensions/EmbedVideo/EmbedVideo.php";

You should be able to visit your wiki's Special:Version page and see the extension listed.

Using EmbedVideo

To Embed a Youtube video in your wiki you can simply use the syntax below