How To Use EmbedVideo

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How To Install EmbedVideo Extension for MediaWiki[edit]

Navigate to your Extensions directory under the root of your MediaWiki directory. Then download the EmbedVideo .zip file and extract it. Rename to EmbedVideo

cd /home/$user/www/wiki/extensions
mv mediawiki-embedvideo-2.1.4/ EmbedVideo/

Set permissions for EmbedVideo

chown -R $user. EmbedVideo/

Enable EmbedVideo in MediaWiki's LocalSettings.php

vim /home/$user/www/wiki/LocalSettings.php

##Add this line

require_once "$IP/extensions/EmbedVideo/EmbedVideo.php";

You should be able to visit your wiki's Special:Version page and see the extension listed.

Using EmbedVideo[edit]

To Embed a Youtube video in your wiki you can simply use the syntax below