How to save bash directory location

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How to use Bashmarks[edit]

If you are looking for an easy to use bash bookmark utility you can use bashmarks which just blew my mind. It allows you to easily cd into a directory, then save that location and jump back to the directory later by simply using g $directory. You can even tab complete, which makes this thing pretty awesome.

View the links above for more information, but below you can view the options for bashmarks. I've yet to test out bashmarks, but I will update this page later once I've used it a bit. Seems pretty simple and it's on hackernews so it must be legit right? ;)

s <bookmark_name> - Saves the current directory as "bookmark_name"
g <bookmark_name> - Goes (cd) to the directory associated with "bookmark_name"
p <bookmark_name> - Prints the directory associated with "bookmark_name"
d <bookmark_name> - Deletes the bookmark
l                 - Lists all available bookmarks

If you are constantly having to taverse the /etc/ directory and like 5 other /var/wwww/$website/ directories then you will more than likely love bashmarks.