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madVR NNEDI3 Chroma Upscaling Quality Comparison 720p[edit]

Madvr Chroma Upscaling Render Time Results.png

Below are some screenshots I took using Windows Print screen capture while changing the Chroma Upscaling options in the MadVR settings area . I tried to get the exact same shot for each setting change, but there will be some slight changes in the images. You will notice that there is a large difference between the first image and the second. That is because the first image is the mpc-hc default render, EVR. This is the worst case scenario, as you can see just installing and choosing madVR dramatically improves image quality. For these tests I only modified madVR's Chroma Upscaling just to see if I could notice a major difference in image quality.

There is no real benefit to using NNEDI3 for Chroma Upscaling since I can barely notice a difference in quality, yet NNEDI3 is about 5 times more expensive than just sticking with the madvr default, bicubic. It's better to use NNEDI to double Luma Resolution instead, because it's not as costly there. I went ahead and benchmarked madvr's chroma upscaling options to get an idea of what each option "costs" in terms of GPU and CPU resources.

It was recently pointed out that the screenshots used for this section were not scaled to the correct resolution and were not of the exact same frame. I have updated this page to address both those points (hopefully). I still don't notice much of a difference between using 32 NNEDI3 neurons and 256 neurons, but if you click on the images you can expand them to their full size of 1920x1080, the video itself is 1280 x 720. The original version of the screenshots / page can be found [here].

MPC-HC Default Settings EVR[edit]

This is what the default video quality looks like when you install mpc-hc and play a video. The next images are using MadVR for the video renderer. The image below is using Microsoft's renderer, which works, but doesn't exactly provide the best video quality. EVR utilizes DXVA2 for hardware decoding. I used Print Screen to take the images on this page. Initially I was using MPC-HC's screenshot function (ALT + i), but I noticed that even if you "Go To" the exact same frame, or time, the picture quality will look slightly different between the first view (CTRL + g) and the second view (CTRL + g again). I don't know why this happens, could be something to do with de interlacing or something else, but now that I know that I'm just going to use paint and capture the initial frame view to keep things consistent from here on out.

Click on the images to view them in their original 3 MB size

00 mpc-hc default renderer no madvr 720p paint 00 18 287 2.png

madVR Bicubic 75 with anti ringing filter Chroma Upscaling[edit]

As you can see here, using MadVR with either mpc-hc, or with PotPlayer dramatically improves video quality. If you click on the images you can view their full resolution sizes to judge for yourself. Bicubic is one of the less demanding options to use with Chroma Upscaling and MadVR does a good job by default, of improving video playback quality.

03 mpc-hc madvr chroma upscaling bicubic 75 ar 720p paint 00 18 287.png

madVR SoftCubic 70 anti ringing filter Chroma Upscaling[edit]

SoftCubic is the next option for Chroma Upscaling. I used the softness 70 option, which seems to provide a good balance between being too blurry and too sharp.

04 mpc-hc madvr chroma upscaling softcubic 70 ar 720p paint 00 18 287.png

madVR Lanczos 4 tap anti ringing filter Chroma Upscaling[edit]

I noticed a slight difference in quality between BiCubic and Lanczos. Lanczos seems to provide better video quality, video looked a lot sharper.

05 mpc-hc madvr chroma upscaling lanczos 4tap ar 720p paint 00 18 287.png

madVR Spline 4 tap anti ringing filter Chroma Upscaling[edit]

Spline looks damn good, similar to Lanczos, both have cool names. I'd flip a coin to decide what one to use if you have a peasant level PC and can't use NNEDI3.

06 mpc-hc madvr chroma upscaling spline 4tap ar 720p paint 00 18 287.png

madvr Jinc 4 with AR Chroma Upscaling[edit]

Next up is Jinc which is at the "top" of the list in terms of the most demanding algorithm to use for MadVR's Chroma Upscaling. Keep in mind that Chroma Upscaling is not the same thing as using NNEDI3 to double Chroma Resolution, they are two different settings within MadVR. I think Jinc does a better job at improving video quality, but not by a ton, so if you are noticing choppy video you should stick with Bicubic.

07 mpc-hc madvr chroma upscaling jinc 4tap ar 720p paint 00 18 287.png

madvr NNEDI3 16 Neuron Chroma Upscaling[edit]

NNEDI3 16 looks pretty similar to Jinc in my opinion, it seems to cost a little more, and if you are going to use NNEDI3 to Double the Chroma Resolution then I'm not sure this is really needed, but honestly if you just bought a $400 or more GPU you probably want to use every last drop, right?

080 mpc-hc madvr chroma upscaling NNEDI3 16 neurons 720p paint 00 18 287.png

madvr NNEDI3 64 Neuron Chroma Upscaling[edit]

NNEDI3 64 looks just about the same as NNEDI3 16, but costs way more GPU resources than 16 neurons

09 mpc-hc madvr chroma upscaling NNEDI3 64 neurons 720p paint 00 18 287.png

madvr NNEDI3 128 Neuron Chroma Upscaling[edit]

010 mpc-hc madvr chroma upscaling NNEDI3 128 neurons 720p paint 00 18 287.png

madvr NNEDI3 256 Neuron Chroma Upscaling[edit]

256 neuron NNEDI3 is the most demanding option you can configure with MadVR and I don't notice any difference between 256 neurons and 16 neurons, or even that much between this and Jinc. At least for now, I suggest focusing GPU power on Luma and Chroma Resolution Doubling.

011 mpc-hc madvr chroma upscaling NNEDI3 256 neurons 720p paint 00 18 287.png

This page was focused on 720p Chroma Upscaling with madVR, you can view screenshots of 1080p Chroma Upscaling here.

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