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PotPlayer Major Release and Feature Highlights[edit]

  • Added CUDA/DXVA HEVC Decoder to PotPlayer 1.6.49952 which was released on 2014/09/25

  • Added the ability to set whether to show built-in hardware decoder/encoder selections PotPlayer 1.6.47995 released on 2014/05/29

  • NVIDIA NVENC H.264 encoder and AMD VCE H.264 encoder were added to PotPlayer 1.6.47450 released on 2014/05/08

  • Support for HEVC(H.265) video format and the Nvidia CUDA H.264 encoder were added to PotPlayer 1.5.44407 which was released on 2014/01/15

  • Intel QuickSync H.264 encoder was added to PotPlayer version: 1.5.40373 released on 2013/10/07

  • Added PCM/AC3/DTS audio processing support for WDM devices PotPlayer version: 1.5.37776 released on 2013/05/15

  • Nvidia CUDA Decoder and Intel QuickSync Decoder were added to PotPlayer version: 1.5.31934 released on 2012/02/07

  • Support for virtual Headphone/Surround/Dolby audio outputs was introduced in PotPlayer version: 1.5.29148 which was released on 2011/07/28

  • MPEG4 DXVA support for newer GPUs and Direct3D9/OpenGL Video Renderer was introduced in PotPlayer version: 1.5.28013 which was released on 2011/04/28

  • FLAC, EAC3, TrueHD and DTS- HD support was introduced in PotPlayer version: 1.5.23312 which was released on 2010/07/22

  • madvr support was introduced in PotPlayer version: 1.5.22204 which was released on 2010/06/01

Full version history of PotPlayer[edit]

PotPlayer ChangeLog for 1.6.51480[edit]

[1.6.51480]                                     2014/12/16
+ Added French translation
+ Added Thai translation
+ Added Hebrew translation
+ Added Turkish translation
+ Added support for synchronized lyrics (SYLT) in MP3 files
+ Added the ability to play VOD HLS streams
+ Added text to speech feature
+ Added the ability to zoom, pan and stretch the image using Ctrl, Alt, Shift + mouse drag combination
+ Added the ability to set screen position of subtitles using Ctrl, Alt + mouse drag combination

- Fixed an issue where certain files cannot be decoded with CoreAVC
- Fixed a problem where game capture function did not work properly
- Fixed a problem where the program skips the next items when skip ending function was enabled
- Fixed an issue that can not play files from certain FTP servers
- Some arrangements in association and configuration tabs of preferences dialog
- Separated Built-in Audio Renderer into two different choices as Built-in Directsound and WASAPI Audio Renderers
- Improved controlling of playback audio speed
- Improved SRT subtitle loading

PotPlayer ChangeLog for 1.6.49952[edit]

[1.6.49952]                                     2014/09/25
+ Added Serbian translation
+ Added the ability to control the quality of YouTube videos from bookmark menu
+ Added file duration condition to auto selection criteria of configuration management
+ Added CUDA/DXVA HEVC Decoder

- Fixed a problem that caused an error with 2nd subtitle output
- Fixed an issue that can not play some YouTube videos
- Improved multiple stream selection support
- Improved user interface of broadcast effects

PotPlayer ChangeLog for 1.6.49479[edit]

[1.6.49479]                                     2014/08/13
+ Added the ability to specify external audio directories

- Fixed an issue where subtitles doesn't show up with Haali and Madshi Video Renderers
- Fixed a problem that subtitle word searching function did not work in certain systems
- Fixed an issue that can not play some MP4 files
- Changed usage method of audio normalizer to be used with/without broadcasting
- Fixed forced exit problem of chat in certain systems

PotPlayer ChangeLog for 1.6.49343[edit]

[1.6.49343]                                     2014/08/07
* Compiled with the new version of compiler

+ Added Hungarian translation
+ Added German translation
+ Added Bulgarian translation
+ Added 2nd subtitle output support
+ Added the ability to append subtitles to the current subtitle
+ Added the ability to set playback skip intervals specifically for each file
+ Added an option to send played files to Recycle Bin
+ Added the ability to specify icon libraries
+ Added find function to Subtitle Browser
+ Added MKV Edition support
+ Added the ability to insert dragged files at the drop point within a playlist
+ Added multiple selection support to Subtitle Browser
+ Added the ability to auto mount ISO files in Windows 8 or newer
+ Added the ability to auto reload subtitles on file changes
+ Added YouTube support
+ Added the ability to record HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) streams

- Fixed screen position problem of some SSA subtitles
- Removed subtitle transmission along with broadcasts
- Fixed a problem that can not play HTTP TS streams
- Fixed an issue where some HDMV subtitles doesn't show up
- Fixed an issue that can not login with daum account from certain systems
- Improved reload subtitle function

PotPlayer ChangeLog for 1.6.48576[edit]

[1.6.48576]                                     2014/06/18
+ Added Spanish translation
+ Added Ukrainian translation
+ Added an option to operate playback window size function only with the first playback at a runtime
+ Added the ability to perform color gamut correction
+ Added the ability to separately assign repeat and shuffle functions to each playback mode
+ Added the ability to remember window position and size of each skin mode
+ Added an option to save settings instantly when playback is paused
+ Added cache pre-read function to built-in source/splitter filter

- Fixed a problem that can not play MOD files
- Changed calculation of SMI subtitle position from relative to absolute
- Fixed a problem that the Stereoscopic 3D output mode did not work properly
- Fixed a problem that some playlist keyboard shortcuts did not work
- Fixed an issue where the repeat playlist function did not work if shuffle playback mode was enabled
- Added an action into installer to auto determine whether to show built-in hardware decoder/encoder selections depending on the system
- Improved file association handling in Windows 8

PotPlayer ChangeLog for 1.6.47995[edit]

[1.6.47995]                                     2014/05/29
+ Added Japanese translation
+ Added the ability to set whether to show built-in hardware decoder/encoder selections
+ Added support for Stereoscopic 3D mode of Windows 8 or newer
+ Added the ability to view playlist items as thumbnails

- Fixed a problem that can not login with daum account from certain PCs
- Fixed an abnormal operation when pan & scanning in fullscreen mode
- Fixed a problem that can not play certain MOV files
- Added the ability to set how the program should connect to a FTP server

PotPlayer ChangeLog for 1.6.47450[edit]

[1.6.47450]                                     2014/05/08
* Added localization support (English/Chinese/Portuguese/Polish/Russian support)

+ Added the ability to use Windows DMO/MFT decoders/encoders
+ Added NVIDIA NVENC H.264 encoder
+ Added AMD VCE H.264 encoder
+ Added the ability to set window aspect ratio when starting playback
+ Added support for playback of VP7 video format
+ Added the ability to extend video between two monitors on fullscreen mode
+ Added the ability to start instantly to play items of the selected playlist from Album Menu
+ Added the ability to capture screen via DXGI 1.2 desktop duplication API (in Windows 8 or newer)

- Fixed a problem that can not read specific SMI subtitles
- Fixed a problem with jump to previous subtitle
- Changed default value of some Sources/Splitters
- Added FFmpeg Source/Splitter option for all formats in Source/Splitter filter control
- Fixed a problem where aspect ratio correction of output device did not work properly
- Fixed a problem that can not play certain ASF files
- Fixed memory leak problem with ASS subtitles

PotPlayer ChangeLog for 1.5.45955[edit]

[1.5.45955]                                     2014/03/06
- Fixed problem of left/right and up/down touch actions
- Fixed a problem where game capture function did not work properly in certain situations
- Fixed an error message problem when watching broadcast in certain PCs
- Fixed a skin problem with using layered window OSC mode

PotPlayer ChangeLog for 1.5.45948[edit]

[1.5.45948]                                     2014/03/05
+ Added the ability to set audio sync for 2nd audio renderer 
+ Added the ability to include subtitles in thumbnail images
+ Added the ability to play DVD files
+ Added the ability to set maximum showing period of subtitles
+ Added outline blur effect into subtitle processing
+ Added 2nd outline border style into subtitle processing
+ Added support for XML subtitles
+ Added word searching function into subtitle processing
+ Added subtitle FPS conversion feature
+ Added support for Open Subtitles DataBase (OSDb) to directly download or search for subtitles online
+ Added support for 10-bit and 16-bit YUV video formats
+ Added system information tab into playing file information dialog
+ Added the ability to set chat font and window size
+ Added support for playback of j2j files

- Fixed a security problem (remediation of damaged MKV header vulnerability)
- Improved subtitle reading speed
- Fixed a problem that some subtitles were not disappeared
- Improved built-in source/parser (BASS, FLPC, APE, MPC) handling
- Fixed a problem where some DVD subtitles doesn't show up
- Fixed playback problem of ogg streams
- Some fixes with embedded subtitles
- Fixed position problem of blu-ray subtitles
- Changed default value of ASF Splitter/Source
- Improved subtitle/audio preferred language handling
- Fixed an issue with ruby subtitles
- Fixed occasional flicker problem of karaoke subtitles
- Fixed a problem that can not handle line breaks in embedded subtitles
- Fixed a problem that QuickSync decoder/encoder doesn't work on some systems
- Fixed an issue that can not play some HEVC (H.265) TS files
- Fixed an issue with multiple subtitles
- Fixed an issue with embedded subtitles in MPEG PS/TS

PotPlayer ChangeLog for 1.5.44465 and older[edit]

[1.5.44465]                                     2014/01/16
- Fixed an issue with using motion blur effect on certain videos
- Fixed a broadcasting problem when using original FPS
- Fixed a problem in subtitle explorer

[1.5.44407]                                     2014/01/15
* The icons have been changed
* The selections of various codec formats have been added into filter control

+ Added support for HEVC(H.265) video format
+ Added Nvidia CUDA H.264 encoder
+ Added Dirac and MS Screen v1-4 codec support
+ Added three-finger actions into touch support
+ Added the ability to set 2nd audio renderer
+ Added WavPack/OPUS filter selection
+ Added built-in video stream switcher
+ Added the ability to combine Ctrl,Alt,Shift keys with mouse actions
+ Added deband filter into video processing

- Fixed seeking problem when playing AVCHD files
- Fixed an issue that the screen is broken while playing VC1/WMV3 files in DXVA IDCT mode
- Fixed a problem that uses too much system memory cache during playback
- Fixed an issue where some ruby tags are not displayed properly
- Fixed an issue that the screen is broken with using DXVA in certain situations
- Improved scanner for HDTV channels
- Fixed a problem with saving idx/sub subtitles
- Fixed a problem that can not play files from certain FTP servers
- Fixed sync issue of certain MPEG files
- Changed default setting of broadcasting audio compression to 48000, 128K
- Changed default setting of ASF Splitter/Source to WMF Source Filter
- Fixed seeking problem with certain DVDs
- Fixed a problem where CUDA and QuickSync decoders doesn't work with DVD playback
- Removed deprecated codecs from Built-in Audio Decoder
- Added the ability to ignore more HTML tags in subtitles
- Enabled AVC1 to H264 processing of MPEG PS/TS files by default
- Fixed stopping problem of DVD playback when using DXVA in certain situations
- Improved seeking speed of MPEG TS/PS, MKV, OGG files
- Improved playback of multi-program MPEG TS files
- Improved thumbnail image creating function
- Improved scene explorer feature
- Added a process to distinguish between clicks and double-clicks
- Removed one finger tap action from touch support (it acts as a mouse click)
- Changed displaying thumbnail previews (on nav bar,scene explorer...) to depending on current aspect ratio
- Some fixes with some WebDAV servers
- Some fixes in screen capture
- Improved S/PDIF handling
- Improved built-in codec handling
- Moved some external files into a folder named "module"

[1.5.40688]                                     2013/10/17
+ Added the ability to use DPI-Awareness
+ Added support for Page Flipping 3D Mode with shutter glasses

- Fixed an issue that can not work with some WebDAV servers
- Fixed an issue that can not read some png files
- Some fixes with broadcasting logo in certain environments
- Fixed an issue that starting playback takes a long time in certain PCs
- Fixed a problem when typing Alt+C and Alt+O in custom hotkey dialog
- Fixed a problem while adding files to playlist from Windows Explorer
- Fixed a problem that the screen goes blank when playing certain AVC1 files
- Fixed an issue with wave volume control
- Fixed disconnection problem when playing http ogg stream in certain situations
- Fixed overlay mixer's problem in Windows 8
- Fixed playback sync problem with certain capture cards
- Fixed multimedia hotkey problem in certain PCs
- Fixed a problem that no sound while playing certain FLAC files

[1.5.40373]                                     2013/10/07
+ Added WebDAV/HTTP playback functions
+ Added the ability to navigate between FTP/WebDAV/HTTP server folders within a playlist
+ Added Intel QuickSync H.264 encoder
+ Added the ability to use scrollbar in popup menu
+ Added the ability to load previous/next files in play folder

- Some fixes while capturing 64-Bit games
- Fixed an issue that can not play certain HTTP streams
- Fixed problem of Microsoft's MultiMedia Keyboard
- Fixed a problem where displaying broadcast filename did not work properly
- Added direct support for colorspaces of AVerMedia HD Capture
- Fixed an issue that can not play certain ASF files
- Improved file association handling in Windows8

[1.5.39659]                                     2013/08/27
+ Added the ability to set mouse wheel left/right actions
+ Added the ability to capture audio using WASAPI
+ Added the ability to remove bookmarks of nonexistent items
+ Added the ability to set subtitle priority order which is used to match the preferred languages
+ Added the ability to set playlist folder

- Fixed a security problem (remediation of DWMAPI DLL vulnerability)
- Improved touch feature
- Fixed an issue where certain DVD subtitles doesn't show up
- Improved game capture function to work with online games
- Improved game capture function to work with both 32 and 64 bits applications
- Improved GPU performance during game capture
- Changed default audio normalizer method
- Added the ability to add external Source/Splitter for damaged AVI/ASF files
- Fixed an issue that can not play certain MP4/MOV files
- Fixed a problem while playing MKV files
- Fixed a problem with remembering played position within a playlist
- Improved file open method when opening similar files
- Some fixes for gapless playback of audio files

[1.5.39036]                                     2013/08/01
+ Added the ability to jump to previous/next keyframes
+ Added the ability to shutdown/sleep the PC in a specific time

- Fixed a problem where the function storing bookmarks to PBF file does not work
- Fixed a problem that color came out strangely when game capture function is used in certain games
- Fixed playback problem of certain WMA files
- Fixed an issue that the program does not pass to the next item after playing certain MKV files

[1.5.39007]                                     2013/07/30
* Improved A-B Repeat function
  Add A-B Repeat setup dialog
  Ability to store A-B Repeat list to a .PBF file
  Add "B" hotkey to reach A-B Repeat menu
  Ability to set how many times to repeat an A-B section

* Improved screen capture feature
  Add game capture function
  Add specific window capture function
  Ability to capture up to 60 FPS

- Added the ability to auto run file association processing with admin rights
- Changed the listing of association extensions to alphabetical order
- Fixed a problem where some characters was incorrectly stored to .ini file
- Fixed a problem where bookmark time was incorrectly stored in certain PCs
- Fixed a problem with multiple monitors in different resolutions
- Some fixes with <BR> tags in SMI subtitles
- Fixed some H.264 decoding problems
- Fixed an issue where certain VobSub subtitles doesn't show up
- Fixed aspect ratio problem of some WMV files
- Fixed ` key problem with auto hide skin option
- Fixed an issue where the program was killed in certain situations
- Improved Lyric handling
- Added AC3/DTS/AAC/MPEG/WMA Pro audio input support for WDM devices
- Added TTA/WavPack support into built-in audio decoder
- Fixed an issue while decoding 10-bit videos
- Fixed noise problem when using low quality audio speed mode
- Fixed problem of Cyberlink codec with LPCM output
- Fixed an issue where the program is opened slowly when there is no internet connection
- Fixed capture problem when using madVR in certain situations
- Fixed parsing problem of certain m3u8 files
- Added previous/next taskbar control buttons
- Improved playback of damaged MKV files

[1.5.38562]                                     2013/06/25
+ Added the ability to play DVD movie directly
+ Added the ability to capture frames with intervals
+ Added the ability to set filter priority for each preset separately
+ Added the ability to use avisynth filters
+ Added Direct3D9Ex Overlay Mode

- Fixed volume problem with using built-in audio renderer
- Fixed a problem with VMR9 Renderless when watching broadcast on XP
- Fixed a problem that the screen goes blank when using VMR7 Renderless
- Added the ability to set up to five broadcasting logos
- Fixed an issue when more than 10 Chapters
- Some fixes while playing some MPEG2 TS files
- Some fixes while playing some OGG/Theora files
- Fixed a problem when vertical size of broadcast list is more than 600
- Some fixes with using audio input of the second device
- Fixed an issue that can not play some MP4 files
- Fixed an issue that can not play certain MPEG TS files
- Fixed a problem with ruby tags
- Fixed a problem with blank playlist file in certain situations

[1.5.37776]                                     2013/05/15
* Increased bitrate of personel broadcasting up to 4M
* Broadcasting is now limited up to 2000 persons
* Added personal broadcasting advertisement

+ Added 3D video support
+ Added support for the touch feature
+ Added stream switcher function to built-in audio processing filter
+ Added the ability to add a subtitle folder with a relative path
+ Added the ability to skip chapters/bookmarks
+ Added the ability to go into sleep mode instead of shutting down the PC
+ Added the ability to store bookmarks to a .PBF file
+ Added the ability to calibrate rotation when playing .MOV files
  (it works only with renderers that supports rotation, Pan & Scan -> reset to default functions)
+ Added the ability to set an alternative font for Japanese and Chinese characters (In English Windows only)
+ Added PCM/AC3/DTS audio processing support for WDM devices

- Fixed an issue where the pop-up menu is often stopped because of CD recognition problem
- Fixed an issue that capture function does not work when video or audio codec is set to "none"
- Some fixes while some operations (such as expanding video or changing aspect ratio) during video playback
- Improved DXVA usage conditions
- Fixed an issue where broadcast saving function does not work
- Fixed PNG capture problem
- Added a function into custom hotkey dialog that shown the specified key's default function if its one of default hotkeys
- Some fixes with broadcasting logo in certain environments
- Added the ability to set content of OSD short info (F5 > General > OSD)
- Improved Magnetic Windows handling (snap to edge/window feature)
- Improved AVCHD playback
- Fixed seeking issue of some MKV files
- Improved preferred language (subtitle/audio) handling
- Fixed playback problem of OGM files
- Fixed a problem that some subtitles was recognized incorrectly
- Some fixes in color space handling with multi-core processing
- Fixed screen freeze problem while decoding some WMV2 files
- Fixed a problem that thumbnail preview function does not work with DVD playback
- Fixed a problem that the screen goes blank when playing certain DVD titles
- Fixed a problem with using audio input of the second device
- Improved ruby tag handling
- Some fixes with thumbnail previews
- Changed some built-in audio codec priority
- Fixed a problem with next frame action when using madVR
- Fixed an issue where certain Idx/Sub subtitles doesn't show up
- Bookmark and chapter managements have been combined
- Added the ability to prompt before adding a bookmark
- Fixed some broadcasting problems in certain situations

[1.5.36205]                                     2013/03/20
+ Added the ability to display video's thumbnail previews on navigation bar
+ Added the ability to watch live 'Daum tvPot' (An Android Apps)
  -For more details, please refer http://blog.daum.net/ahahvideo/17946441

- Fixed an issue that broadcasting logo function did not work
- Fixed an issue that can not play damaged AVI files
- Some fixes in NV12 color space handling
- Thumbnail preview size has been doubled
- Fixed an issue where ruby tags in certain subtitles are not displayed properly
- Fixed chat reporting problem

[1.5.36073]                                     2013/03/11
+ Added FTP playback function
+ Added the ability to navigate between folders within a playlist
+ Added personal broadcasting mobile transfer function

- Improved AB repeat function
- Improved radio style pop-up menu handling
- Fixed an issue where duration of some TS files was calculated incorrectly
- Fixed a problem that no sound while playing some MP4 files
- Improved color space handling
- Improved srt subtitle handling
- Improved some UTF8 handling
- Added the ability to display power status

[1.5.35491]                                     2013/02/05
- Fixed flash playback problem
- Added the ability to block chat script

[1.5.35431]                                     2013/01/24
- Fixed a problem with the latest version of Flash installed
- Fixed an issue during video capture with Vorbis compression
- Fixed a problem with the sync in certain situations
- Moved automatic update process to the program's exit

[1.5.35238]                                     2013/01/14
+ Added equal condition to auto selection criteria of configuration management
+ Added support for madVR's pixel shader feature
+ Added support for SUP (Blu- ray) subtitles
+ Added the ability to play MP3 files with lyrics subtitles
+ Added support for DIVX (XSUB) subtitles
+ Added the ability to swap stereo channels
+ Added the ability to set capture folders in one place (F5 > Capture Folder)

- Fixed a problem while reflecting subtitle sync
- Fixed abnormal operation when playing certain BIK files
- Some fixes for DVD subtitles and DVD menu with using DXVA2
- Improved Pixel shader handling
- Improved logo handling
- Added support for Daum Cloud https
- Bookmarks is now limited up to 2000
- Improved automatic selection conditions of configuration management

[1.5.34665]                                     2012/11/20
- Fixed abnormal behavior of video capture while capturing more than 3 audio channels
- Some fixes while capturing video in MP4 format
- Some fixes while decoding some AAC audio files
- Fixed an issue with H.264 codec while broadcasting
- Fixed a problem that playback does not start if a filename contains "%20"
- Fixed an issue with Windows8's default program settings
- Fixed a problem while reflecting subtitle sync
- Some fixes while resizing window in certain environments
- Fixed a problem that use a lot of memory with specific ASS/SSA subtitles
- Added the ability to reserve available space for subtitle output
- Fixed a problem that no sound when using equalizer in certain environments
- Fixed an issue that was abnormal operation due to lack of resources when a longer broadcast

[1.5.34321]                                     2012/10/12
- Improved handling of damaged ASF files
- Improved display of custom shortcuts
- Fixed an issue that incorrect handling of some UTF8 subtitles
- Improved preferred audio language handling
- Fixed seeking issue of some FLV files
- Fixed play time issue of WDM/CAM/BDA devices
- Improved tag handling of SMI subtitles
- Fixed position issue of mouse cursor during screen capture
- Some changes in H.264 encoding options
- Improved TAK audio playback
- Improved deinterlacing options

[1.5.34115]                                     2012/09/11
- Fixed an issue that the subtitle is flickering when screen size is changed
- Improved background color & item addition handling of the file navigator
- Fixed a problem that no sound while playing some MPEG TS files
- Fixed an issue with the latest version of Flash installed
- Improved the logo blinking with using Direct3D 9 skin mode
- Fixed a problem with reflect SMI subtitle sync function

[1.5.34023]                                     2012/08/16
- Fixed an issue where FLV playback time information is incorrect
- Some fixes while playing MP4/MOV files
- Some fixes while decoding some H.264 files
- Some fixes while playing MPEG2 files

[1.5.33948]                                     2012/07/26
- Fixed a problem when a skin is changed in preferences
- Fixed a problem that cannot open some HTTP urls
- Some fixes while opening HTTP urls
- Fixed noise problem when speed up playback

[1.5.33869]                                     2012/07/17
- Fixed some problems with experimental double frame deinterlacing
- Fixed an issue where broadcast navigation is slowly running
- Fixed excessive CPU usage when broadcasting compression settings is changed

[1.5.33820]                                     2012/07/13
+ Added RSS feed playback function
+ Added and condition to automatic selection criteria of configuration management
+ Added an option to ignore subtitle effect tags

- Some fixes while playing MPEG TS files
- Fixed a problem where image rotation function is not working correctly
- Fixed a problem while reading subtitles when if there is no video's extension
- Some fixes for color problem of DVB Subtitles
- Fixed a problem when broadcast playback was stopped
- Some fixes for OGG files
- Some fixes for MKV embedded subtitles
- Fixed a problem that the screen goes blank while some H.264 decoding

[1.5.33573]                                     2012/05/24
+ Added the ability to sort playlist items by extension
+ Added built-in RealMedia codec support
+ Added Intel Indeo 4/5 decoder support
+ Added the ability to copy current subtitle to clipboard
+ Added 3D subtitle Top & Bottom mode
+ Added the ability to get play time within a playlist
+ Added VMR9/EVR anisotropic scaling method
+ Added a function to File Navigator to play all files in related folder 

- Fixed a problem that the screen goes blank when playing 8- bit color video
- Fixed position issue of integrated subtitles when pre/next actions
- Some fixes while playing certain ASF files
- Added ALT+ K keyboard shortcut to cycle between screen rotations
- Added the ability to set value of audio sync (Shift+ <,>) (F5 > Audio > Crystality > sync control unit)
- Added the ability to keep subtitle/audio sync
- Some fixes in 3D subtitle output while displaying messages & playback infos
- Improved style handling of ASS/SSA subtitles
- Some fixes in uninstaller (Korean)
- Improved start speed of broadcasting
- Improved rendering of video capture
- Improved threads of ProRes decoder
- Some fixes for DVD subtitles
- Fixed a problem while playing MPEG2 files with DXVA
- Some fixes while using RAW video processing
- Improved Direct3D9Ex Flip mode
- Improved file open from RAR parts
- Some fixes for playback problem of certain Audio CD

[1.5.32007]                                     2012/02/22
+ Added the ability to remember played position within a playlist
+ Added the ability to auto repeat current subtitle section

- Some fixes for DVD playback
- Fixed an error of CUDA/QuickSync decoder while changing the image size dynamically
- Fixed screen position problem of some ASS/SSA subtitles
- Some fixes for Video Renderer
- Fixed a problem in blu- ray playback that the chapters don't show up with built 31979
- Fixed a problem while playing certain ASF files

[1.5.31934]                                     2012/02/07
+ Added the ability to jump to current subtitle position
+ Added IMC1 ~ IMC4 color spaces
+ Added Intel QuickSync Decoder (MPEG1/2, H264/AVC, WMV3, VC1 are supported)
+ Added the ability to move to chapters of blu- ray
+ Added the ability to choose blu- ray playback method
+ Added the ability to set custom screen size when starting video playback
+ Added built-in LPCM decoder
+ Added the ability to specify the transparency of the navigation dialog
+ Added the ability to rename filename in the playlist
+ Added Nvidia CUDA Decoder (MPEG1/2, H264/AVC, VC1 are supported)
+ Added an option to play the next item when failed to play
+ Added resolution limit setting to usage conditions of DXVA
+ Added WMV9 VLD support to built-in DXVA decoder
+ Added an option to scale subtitle's outline/shadow to fit screen size

- Some fixes while playing TS files
- Added an option to adjust window size from window center
- Improved filter priority handling
- Fixed an issue that FLAC audio codec selection did not work
- Fixed mouse response problem on file navigator
- Changed default setting of WMA audio codec to built-in Decoder
- Fixed sync problem of Interlace VC1 playback when seeking
- Fixed sync problem of built-in WMV DMO codec when seeking
- Changed default setting of built-in MPEG audio decoder to FFmpeg Float Decoder
- Some fixes for specific FFmpeg audio codec
- Some fixes for built-in H.264 DXVA decoder
- Improved support of Rar files
- Improved determination of interlaced WDM
- Added multiple audio output processing to built-in splitter
- Added AVX instructions support to built-in codec
- Fixed an issue that can not play a damaged part of ASF
- Improved album/favorite menu handling
- Fixed an issue that tray icon don't show up when using screen capture

[1.5.30857]                                     2011/12/15
+ Added the ability to move the selected item via CTRL+ Up/Down keys in the playlist
+ Added the ability to add time intervals to playback skipping

- Updated built-in codec
- Fixed position issue of ASS/SSA subtitles
- Fixed an issue where the window has moved at the startup in certain environment
- Some fixes while playing TS files
- Fixed an issue that has no sound while playing certain MOV/MP4 files
- Some fixes for ruby tag of subtitles
- Fixed an issue that has no sound while playing avs (avisynth script) files 
- Fixed a bug that play time was incorrectly identified on some MP3/MOV files
- Changed default color space for some graphic cards
- Fixed an issue that opaque box option did not work with blu- ray subtitle
- Added ASF embedded subtitle support
- Fixed run- time error problem which occurred on some PCs
- Added Apple ProRes Codec support
- Fixed DivX H.264 decoder compatibility problem
- Some fixes while playing more than two MP4 files
- Fixed flickering problem of H.264 HD broadcasting
- Fixed deblocking problem of H.264 HD broadcasting
- Fixed sync problem while playing H.264 files
- Fixed flickering problem of VMR9 Renderless which occurred on some PCs
- Improved video capture feature

[1.5.29996]                                     2011/10/31
- Fixed ratio problem of specific MPEG2 files
- Improved the process of file sending to Recycle Bin
- Fixed AAC Recognition problem in MPEG2 TS
- Some changes in RGB/YUV color themes

[1.5.29917]                                     2011/10/18
- Fixed DXVA problem of HDTV broadcasting 
- Fixed an issue where the window has moved to the left when set its size to 0.5X or 1.0X
- Broadcasting sync can be adjusted now
- Added an option to improve bottom margin function when video processing filter is not used
- Improved subtitle margin in full screen
- Some fixes while real- time playback
- Improved asx/pls file analysis capabilities
- Fixed VC1 DXVA Problem

[1.5.29795]                                     2011/09/29
- Fixed a subtitle related problem
- Improved broadcasting sound modulation
- Fixed strange problem of some ASS/SSA subtitles
- Added an option to ignore <BR> tag in SMI subtitles
- Improved file information feature
- Added support for more than 500 MB Rar/Zip files
- Fixed support of Rar files

[1.5.29601]                                     2011/09/06
- Fixed frame step problem of EVR Custom Present
- Added the ability to capture translucent windows
- Fixed OGG Stream playing problem
- Added the ability to skip the viewing screen of webcam broadcasting
- Fixed a problem that adding files to playlist takes a long time
- Some fixes in Thread Frame of H264 decoding 
- Fixed synchronization issue of a specific file
- Fixed a problem while a long subtitle shown
- Fixed sync problem of a specific MPEG1 file
- Fixed video capture problem while using H.263+  codec
- Fixed a problem while playing FLV files
- Improved speed of subtitle output

[1.5.29332]                                     2011/08/11
- Fixed an issue where could not change video size when using DXVA
- Improved HTTP file playback
- Changed WMV1,WMV2 default codecs
- Fixed synchronization problem on some files with DXVA
- Fixed an issue that playback is not smooth with using Thread Frame
- Fixed VC1 connect problem of the latest Cyberlink Video Decoder
- Fixed a problem that cannot use external ASF splitter
- Improved similar file search

[1.5.29162]                                     2011/07/29
- Fixed playback synchronization problem of some H.264 files
- Changed default deinterlace settings (To fix quality problems)
- Fixed a problem where keyboard hotkey does not take the actual condition with focus problem
- Added reset chat announcements and broadcasting stationary during chatting features
- Changed file list of broadcasting to improve user security

[1.5.29148]                                     2011/07/28
+ Added support for virtual Headphone/Surround/Dolby audio outputs
+ Added the ability to customize DVD Navigator and HDTV Demuxer
+ Added AMR audio playback
+ Added support for Stereoscopic subtitles

- Added support for MP4 EAC3
- Some fixs for MPEG2 with H.264 videos
- Fixed H.264 DXVA problem of Intel GMA 4500
- Improved playback WTV files
- Some fixs for Unicode installation Process
- Some fixes for MP4/MOV format
- Improved speed of broadcast/HTTP streaming
- Added AAC LATM codec support for MPEG format
- Fixed a problem during Pot TV video playback
- Broadcast resolution can be set freely
- Fixed speed problem of LPCM playback
- Fixed de- interlacing problem of AVI playback
- Some fixes for ACM Vorbis compressed files
- Added the ability to select external ASF/FLV Source/Splitter
- Added the ability to select FFmpeg thread processing
- Fixed an issue that some MP4 files does not play
- Some fixes for madVR and HaaliVR
- Fixed an issue where H.264 DXVA does not work correctly on some cards
- Improved DXVA decoding process
- Fixed noise problem while decoding more than 9- bit H.264
- Fixed audio CD playback problem
- Added the ability to customize the mouse settings
- Fixed some broadcasting issues 
- Improved chat security
- Fixed some special tags display problem in chatroom
- Added the ability to play MXF files

[1.5.28025]                                     2011/04/29
- Fixed NV12 output of Direct3D9/OpenGL Video Renderer problems
- Some fixs for H264 DXVA display problems
- Fixed problem of retrieving the file path
- Fixed a compatibility problem while using external DXVA decoder

[1.5.28013]                                     2011/04/28
+ Additional support for FFmpeg- MT decoder (MPEG4, VP3, Theora, HUFFYUV)
+ Added MPEG4 DXVA support for ATI Radeon HD 6xxxx cards (not perfect)
+ Added DXVA support without rendering mode
+ Added HTTP Live streaming media playback
+ Added RealVideo codecs
+ Added Direct3D9/OpenGL Video Renderer

- Fixed some problems during playback MP4 files
- Fixed some compatibility issues between PC and BASS
- Fixed some H264 DXVA problems that occured on some VGA cards
- Fixed an issue where the program was killed because of an invalid bookmark
- Fixed cache problem while recording with capture card
- Fixed H264 DXVA compatibility problem of some GMA VGA Cards
- Fixed subtitle tag identification problem
- Fixed DXVA problem of WMV3 format
- Fixed a problem that priority setting of the source filter is not valid

[1.5.27313]                                     2011/03/22
+ Added support of album art visual effects
+ Added the ability to set font of the dialog box
+ Added Support for ASS/SSA subtitles with animated features

- Changes in visual of album art
- Support for a few album art functions (with mouse click to switch)
- Fixed error problem of high resolution video recording
- Some fixs while playing VC- 1 files
- A specific support for WMA audio decoder to fix some problems
- Fixed error problem while closing the program
- Fixed a problem that some fonts invisible in font selection
- Added an option to show bookmarks on navigation bar
- Fixed a problem that does not recognize bookmarks on some MP4 files
- Some fixs for subtitles which has problem of broken characters
- Fixed issue of manually subtitle edit while watching analog tv
- Fixed a problem that audio input of second audio device does not work on some PCs
- Some fixs in shortcuts
- Bug fixed in ASS/SSA subtitles handling
- Fixed problems while playing some FLV files
- Added MKV files basic track processing function 
- Fixed connection problem of CyberLink VC1 decoder
- Support for TAK audio files
- Chat restriction for temporary users
- Change nickname after the synchronized
- Report on user nickname linkage
- Added a menu item that send to blacklist automatically

[1.5.26392]                                     2011/01/06
+ Added support of BIK files 
+ Added display album cover while playing music
+ Added the ability to set temporary storage folder
+ Added remember finished action function

- Fixed audio playback problem of MP4 files
- Improved INI file handling
- Added an option to playlist settings to show file extension
- Some changes in subtitles handling
- Fixed green screen problem on Nvidia cards while playing H264 videos with DXVA
- Bug fixed in EAC3 PassThrough
- Bug fixed in visualization
- Some AAC audio support
- Ban for Simple user ID from chat

[1.5.26143]                                     2010/12/14
+ Added 0.1 second adjust to AB repeat function
+ Added auto delete bookmark function

- Fixed a problem where AB repeat display incorrectly
- Fixed problems in multi- core video processing
- Improved motion blur feature
- Improved file delete function
- Fixed a problem that RT subtitle file could not handle properly
- Fixed problems while playing FLV video files 
- Optimize RTSP playback
- Chat management page changes reflect at real- time
- Fixed a bug with other users in chat
- Fixed inconsistency in the user name and nickname
[1.5.25819]                                     2010/11/25
+ Added a new skin
+ Added a control panel feature (Its currently included in the new skin)
+ Added Custom color theme feature
+ Added motion blur function

- Fixed a problem that the album disappear from specific condition
- Fixed a problem that the control panel does not disappear when minimized
- Fixed in stored login information
- Fixed screen tearing issues of some ASF file playback
- Fixed compatibility issueS of HDTV playback with using DXVA and subtitles
- Fixed a problem that where the extension disconnected

[1.5.25705]                                     2010/11/18
+ Added the ability to play DVDs for playback on the previous position

- Changed adjustment based on the modification of window size control
- Fixed a problem that where the overlay mixer is in use without subtitles
- Changed multiple execution live and mini to operate individually

[1.5.25642]                                     2010/11/11
+ Added image overlay on screen feature (Direct3D, LayeredWindow)
+ Added translucent skin function mode
+ Added file information feature to playlist
+ Added auto- login feature
+ Added RTSP protocol
+ Added chat ban function

- Fixed a problem that some videos did not work with Winamp DSP plug- in modification 
- Changed some shortcuts 
- built-in codecs as default for WMV7/8/9
- Fixed a problem that some PC were terminated when mouse right button is pressed
- Slideshow of visualization output can be modified
- Fixed in some novelties SRT subtitle reading
- Some fixs that occured while playing MPEG2 files
- Fixed a problem that when often search stopped while playing a .MP4 file
- Some fixs for Win Vista to allows more control
- Fixed a problem in built-in subtitles that when often search stopped while playing a .mkv file
- Some fixs for built-in PAL DVD playback codec or problem behaviors
- Fixed a problem that INI saving operation was over environmental management
- Fixed H264 DXVA problem while watching TV or Video recording
- Fixed a problem that screen horde of DV files when double sound track playing
- Fixed a problem in bookmark
- Fixed a related broadcast problem

[1.5.24134]                                     2010/09/08
- Fixed a problem that where subtitles does not come out from a part of MP4 file
- Fixed a problem that EVR did not click when using DVD menu
- Fixed a temporary noise problem
- Fixed Pixel shader problem while watching digital TV
- Other bug fixes 
- Change Color Space (YUY2, NV12, YV12 moderately optional)
- Changed ini file saving to unicode

[1.5.23965]                                     2010/08/30
+ Added move video window to screen center while starting playback
+ Added retain subtitles bottom margin feature
+ Added directly save DHTV stream
+ Added a command line parameters (/autoplay)
+ Added ability to use Direct3D 9Ex
+ Added Font smooth overall output function
+ Added GIF logo features for broadcasting
+ Added Flash File (SWF format) logo features for broadcasting (32- bit)

- Fixed broadcasting buffer problems
- Fixed audio problem for some MP4 files
- Logo to be used to modify animated GIF images
- Fixed a problem that broadcasting logo PNG alpha channel was handled incorrectly
- Fixed a problem that the program did not run on older CPU
- Fixed a problem while temporary files are deleted
- Fixed a skin problem that mouse did not work in the area of treatment
- Added Preffered audio option
- Added Subtitles force left- aligned option
- Fixed some H264 TS file playback recognition problems
- Fixed refresh issues of file association
- Fixed bookmarks/chapters identify display problems
- Fixed ARGB - > YV12 color conversion error problem
- Fixed aspect ratio calculation problem when using EVR renderer
- Fixed Intel GMA- HD video card black screen problem with using DXVA
- Fixed playlist sort problem
- Fixed invalid argument error problem that occured in some computer
- Fixed some VC- 1 encoded video playback that can not be decoded with DMO
- Fixed some problem in DTS and DTS- HD

[1.5.23336]                                     2010/07/26
+ Add search function to the play list
+ Add repeat setting function

- Fixed some memory error problem while broadcasting running
- Fixed broadcasting sync problem while recording
- Fixed a problem while adding files to playlist from explorer
- Fixed a problem that mouse cursor does not hide automatically
- Winamp playback video link correction
- Fixed a problem that the file can not open if folder has hidden attribute

[1.5.23312]                                     2010/07/22
+ Add DVD playback speed
+ Add a custom volume adjustment
+ Add a pointer to hover in the search bar to display time information
+ Add a shutdown feature at a specific time
+ Add frame playback delay
+ Add automatic identification interlaced scanning of TV Movies
+ Add VP8 coding support
+ Add WebM playback
+ Add WebM Play recording
+ Add analog TV time positioning functions
+ Add next generation EAC3, TrueHD, DTS- HD MA through functional
+ Add subtitles border transparent function
+ Add in the Configuration Manager that can automatically switch the standard audio mode
+ Add saving subtitles named filmname
+ Add subtitles Fade effect function
+ Add Trying to load the subtitle file folder if there are no matching subtitles available
+ Add a built-in audio renderer (cross- fade function)
+ Add time limit of subtitle function
+ Add FLAC source filter selection
+ Add FLAC audio codec selection

- Improved the inter- word tagging subtitles
- Fixed some MP4 files audio playback problems
- Fixed some damage AVI playback problems
- Fixed issues with switching to madVR renderer
- Changes in to the individual computer program to play H.264 suspended animation issues
- Fixed initialization specific album art problem
- Fixed position of each switch configuration state of preservation
- Fixed deadlock issue procedural security measures
- Fixed adjust speed when broadcast can not be played in the current location
- Improved special broadcast buffer mode
- Improved external decoder subtitle synchronization
- Fixed DVB machine FusionHDTV Express search problems
- Fixed playing MPEG file locking problem
- Fixed related skin issues
- Improved broadcast buffer mode
- Fixed some problems in the setting screen on Vista
- Fixed in TV card/full- screen game/broadcast problem
- Fixed audio track switching BDA issue of machine flexibility
- Fixed some MP4 files subtitles synchronized issues
- Fixed problem when more than 3 audio tracks in AC3 SPDIF output compression
- Fixed sound problem with the noise on broadcasting
- Fixed invalid position of subtitles output word spacing settings
- Fixed audio decoder playback delays on 64- bit system
- Fixed failure menu shortcuts
- Fixed deleting some temporary files
- Fixed screen using with keyboard shortcuts to minimize
- Fixed screen tearing play problem in some MPEG2 files
- Fixed MPEG2 <- > H.264 can not be converted to play in the BDA issue
- Fixed security of chat module
- Other bug fixes 

[1.5.22243]                                     2010/06/03
- Update built-in Codecs
- Adjust some default settings
- Other bug fixes

[1.5.22219]                                     2010/06/01
- Remake DRM
- Fixed EVR CP 60- frame playback problem
- Some fixs

[1.5.22204]                                     2010/06/01
* Re-configure the form design parameters
* Simplified main menu

+ Add subtitles Fade Effect
+ Add captions to the output surface mode features in the map
+ Add MadVR renderer
+ Add Play online media positioning function when the slider
+ Add playlist album features
+ Add playlist function temporary queue
+ Add MultiThread H.264 multi-threaded decoding
+ Add playlist tabs
+ Add to display file information MediaInfo components
+ Add a form to set the translucent feature
+ Add images 90-degree rotation
+ Add images migration functionality
+ Add Windows7 Taskbar support
+ Add bookmark function to display thumbnails
+ Add record format can be saved as ASF, OGV format
+ Add self-closing feature when play finished
+ Add a custom boot size function
+ Add file navigator
+ Add to open the streamlined menu
+ Add function to view the summary information
+ Add a voice filter process can be immediately reset function

- Updated built-in decoder 
- Fixed some problems can not load subtitles 
- Fixed can not load the first two drives in the subtitle problem 
- Update VMR9 without rendering and rendering renderer EVR Recommended 
- Enhanced (MPEG, NSV, OGG, REAL, MP4) file playback 
- Support for simultaneous recording of two or more media video 
- Enhance the seamless playback 
- To improve the video, audio processing 
- Improved video recording 
- To improve the frame rate processing demand 
- Improve the DXVA decoder 
- Fixed some special H.264 files after sliding the screen Loss 
- Fixed output HD-DVD's subtitles high CPU utilization problem 
- Fixed use of images in a specific ratio of the screen is lost when cutting issues 
- Open similar documents to improve the logic 
- Adjust the Vista or Windows7 of VMR7, VMR9, EVR mode distribution 
- Can edit subtitles cover 
- Detailed information output mode 
- To improve the Explorer file association 
- Some PC play a specific broadcast lead to CPU 100% occupancy rate of 
- Fixed some functional problems for the broadcast of the invalid 
- Modify the image filter in use immediately reset function 
- Fixed the screen output ratio imbalance 
- Fixed other known issues

[1.4.20906]                                     2010/04/15
+ Daum CI (Corporate Identity) change

[1.4.20896]                                     2010/04/09
+ Broadcasting adjusted to be uniform in quality than

- Star League video search had occurred during error correction
- Some have reported on the air due to the problem was reentering gangtoehu

[1.4.20879]                                     2010/03/02
- Html tag when using a chat ban
- Chat room error improvement

[1.4.20877]                                     2010/02/23
- Broadcasting of the screen, modify the stall

[1.4.20865]                                     2010/02/08
+ Movie Download Service
+ Change chat port

- TRUE HD audio codec was not your problem fixed
- When playing video files in the current folder to the folder caused PotPlayer Fix

[1.4.20717]                                     2010/01/27
- Bidiohpat phenomenon does not modify your image

[1.4.20715]                                     2010/01/26
+ Chat Protocol Changes

- Some of the stop that you modify your MKV files

[1.4.20631]                                     2009/12/31
+ Change the broadcast protocol
+ Profile Changes related URL

[1.4.20618]                                     2009/12/24
+ Change blindness authentication

- Some TS / TP files, the video does not come out Fix

[1.4.20387]                                     2009/11/27
- DVD playback device to hold the screen in some cases seems disconnected Fix
- DVD playback device to hold the title of this some fancy Fix Broken
- Screen size is odd if this was not your problem fixed
- Star League play (URL FLV) the search did not solve the problem

[1.4.20207]                                     2009/11/12
- Chat when [customers] do not match the number of Fix
- Chat with other users Invisible City Fix
- Chat Emoticons normally invisible to the City Fix

[1.4.20199]                                     2009/10/22
+ Chat Protocol Changes

- Windows 7 Fix the IE window does not open

[1.4.20169]                                      2009/9/30
+ Chatting applied geumchikeo

- Chat message screen name change position error correction

[1.4.20143]                                      2009/9/11
- 64bit PotPlayer DXVA did not work properly resolve

[1.4.20129]                                       2009/9/2
+ Chat nick is applied to prevent the script

- Gangtoe was chatting to a user reentering Fix
- Report the number of chats that are reset problem fixed
- Windows Media Player 7 in the end when playing music files sakjehu doedeon Fix
- System default AVI Splitter Windows 7 uses an external codec to your city was not Fix

[1.4.20062]                                      2009/8/11
- Some MOV, MP4 file format that come out to play, or play a sound when the problem was not fixed.
- Some files did not play AVC codec, the problem is fixed.
- Video capture at the time of storage did not sound great if you modify the problem.
- Some files did not play with DXVA problem fixed.
- TSCC codec, this is a gray line saenggideon Fix.
- Recording or broadcast video capture at 640 * 360 screen size added.
- Normally broadcast on a blacklist in a specific situation, modify the underlying problem
- Did not match the number of private TV Chat Fix.

[1.4.19976]                                      2009/6/24
- A large part of the file to your MP4 file format, then he could not Fix
- MP4 file format, the search speed
- Some MKV AVC codec in the file format for continuous playback when the program ends at doedeon Fix
- Audio skin mode displays the name of some audio codec problem, then he could not modify the
- Broadcast of the server connection is terminated doedeon Fix

[1.4.19843]                                       2009/5/8
+ Chat Protocol Changes
+ Automatically reported to the chat window, and whisper add-ons

[1.4.19837]                                      2009/4/16
- Some of the subtitles from a subtitle file, then he could not print Fix
- OSD setting when you select an image from the output end doedeon Fix
- Subtitles for the sink (smi) at the integration jamakil this kkaejideon Fix Hangul

[1.4.19825]                                      2009/3/27
- "Auto-hide video playback" the state did not see the screen properly Fix
- Improve the network connection error

[1.4.19802]                                      2009/3/20
+ Set the broadcast frame to add the ability to
+ Add video compression codec codecs HuffYUV

- H.264 decoding some strange screen problem fixed, soon
- Cyberlink Demux used when the built-in H.264 codec to play the Harley Fix
- Some PC was not connected properly in MPEG Splitter Fix
- Messages / OSD output speed improvements
- DXVA2 decoder using H / W diinteoreyiseuga modification did not work
- EVR Renderless in the H / W diinteoreyiseuga modification did not work
- The percentage of users did not work properly modified
- TV card, select the crossbar Fix
- Auto-hidden in the video, your skin will only modify the behavior
- RLE compressed Bitmap codec support
- 64-bit Windows file associations using the 32-bit PotPlayer andoedeon Fix
- FLAC audio codecs built-in did not fit in the sink Fix
- Capture video in a specific format, the sink did not fit Fixes

[1.4.19374]                                       2009/3/2
+ VMR image processing, the ability to select the Add
+ Choose how to resize + VMR9/EVR the ability to add
+ If possible, adjust the color of + H / W as the ability to handle additional
+ Add + TV set in the ability to select the interlaced More 59.9 + Cam and analog TV is 10 frames, the ability to open additional
  Correctly, the device must support dongjakham
+ Afterimage in the frame, removing the ability to add 2 times the output
  TV and play more smoothly interlaced video output (29.9 - "59.9 frames for output)
+ Percentage of the original features + More

- M2TS files of internal improvements Subtitles
- Win64 version of the file in the connection problem fixed
- Ruby output was in the wrong position Subtitles Fix
- Video processing does not improve performance at
- No file extension to your andoedeon Fix
- Fix processing of some Shortcuts
- DVD playback screen, soon or later Fix it
- Preference on a specific PC Fix initialization doedeon
- Win64 version died, judging from the UCC Fix
- Cam or analog TV set just to reflect the modification of the pin

[1.4.19159]                                      2009/2/10
* 64-bit versions of the test distribution PotPlayer (http://potplayer.daum.net/PotPlayer64/Beta/PotPlayer64.zip)

+ M2TS subtitle support embedded files
+ M2TS files TrueHD / MPL Audio Support
+ Video capture in the FLV format H264, AAC codec support
+ Add-ons will get an external audio
+ Screen sizes the ability to add user settings
+ Built-in ability to add skins to choose
+ Add-ons window, set the margins
+ Built-in MPEG source filter AVC1 the ability to handle the added H264
  (H264 decoder Cyberlink AVC/H264 in dealing with the overlay mixer renderer acceleration to work)

- Built-VC1 codec to play a little more smoothly, your modifications
- Going beyond the caption horizontally gilttae Fix
- Folder, subfolders for playback to be handled by modifying
- Fix some caption did come
- DVD playback to skip when you play your andoedeon Fix
- Win98/Me Fix run in andoedeon
- Fix some FLAC playback error nadeon
- DXVA playback errors in some PC Fix saenggideon
- Connect the file extension in Vista Fix
- Similar to Open a little more flexibility to handle modifications
- Set by the user are reflected in Edit menu shortcuts
- Removing artifacts City S / W handles the first to use the default Edit
- The output color space (RGB output) process improvements
- The latest ATI drivers DXVA andoedeon Fix
- Improved full-screen treatment
- At the end of the tray icon to force Explorer Fix
- Using video screen or shrink it, soon Fixes
- Your City modified to use less memory, more

[1.4.18731]                                       2009/1/9
+ % Of your time to show the ability to display additional

- Broadcast at a specific resolution at issue, modify the program to die
- Close on the entire screen, the problem did return to the default size, modified
- Under certain circumstances, the subtitles did come Fixes
- TV channel name contains spaces, jalrideon Fix
- Explorer and double click the file to play a similar andoedeon Fix

[1.4.18691]                                       2009/1/8
+ Automatic update feature to update one week later when more
+ Automatic update feature that shows the changes as more
+ Chulryeokkyu (Queue) Add-ons
  (Using VMR9 Renderless improvement in the performance)
+ Overlay mixer, use the screen on the ability to add betajeok
  (DXVA using your parents do not come out the screen Fix Thu)
+ Rt (RealText) subtitle support, more
+ Add a separate channel volume controls

- DXVA H.264/AVC1 decoder performance improvements
- LFE Redirection Fix did not work properly
- Audio visual frequency analysis (FFT) improvements
- Then he could not play some ASF files Fix
- Then he could not play some MP3 files Fix
- Better error in your FLV file, modify the
- How to adjust your speed and allows the user to select the Edit
- Some improvements howanseong Winamp DSP plug-in
- Built-in default to use VC1 codec modification
- Built-VC1 codec was playing Hesitation Hesitation Fix
- Modify the message to be output smoothly

[1.4.18372]                                     2008/12/22
* Significantly improve the skin functions
* Environmental Management Add-ons

+ Add new skins (WindowFrame)
+ Skin, use a window frame itself, the ability to add
  (Vista's Aero skins available)
+ Window frame using its own menu, add the ability to output
+ Fixed position to minimize the ability to add a video quintet 
  (TV OUT City Video location or do not come to change or problem solving)
+ Logo (background screen), select Add-ons
+ Add color themes
+ TV control function is added to the Component Select
+ The ability to print icon on your list, add Eummalge + audio effects, noise, LFE Redirect Add-ons
+ Color Space for NV12, NV21, VYUY More
+ Add to your list of duplicate files, the ability to prevent further
+ Delete files on your list when removing features such as subtitles and more
+ Does not exist in your list, the ability to delete a file, add
+ Main program window to the skin to separate add-ons
+ Add Skins TabList
+ The ability to adjust the system volume, the volume of additional

- Tray icon visibility of the modification in more detail to 9 minutes
- Ogg Mode3 andoedeon Fix your compressed video
- Previous subtitles position, the subtitles are improvements
- Extension of the newly designed icons
- Full-screen playback on the screen did come Fixes
- DVD set of the language was not Fix
- Allow multiple runs do not die twice runtime Fixes
- Environmental management, such as using filter settings did not work properly modified
- Then he could not play some ASF files Fix
- The user list, chat, have a scroll bar, soon or later Fix
- Some issues did come out on the PC screen, edit
- Video capture at a later time, modify the number of minutes
- Seamless playback of the file can be modified to specify the number of
- Did not get a signal on some HDTV card Fix
- Some PC that runs on andoedeon Fix
- Explorer, double click on the video running andoedeon Fix
- INI files, environment, save for die selection program Fix
- Then he could not play some MP3 files Fix

[1.3.17106]                                     2008/11/11
* Compile a new version of the compiler (running speed, and safety improvements)

+ .Part rar file, just split with the ability to play more
+ Window size, the ability to adjust the aspect ratio More
+ Broadcasting logo transparent background, the ability to add
+ Broadcasting png files with alpha in the logo of the alpha blending function is added
+ HTML code for TV captions + the ability to handle the additional
+ Add video capabilities and bottom margins
+ DVD Navigator, select the Add-ons
+ Broadcast Select Category Add-ons
+ File extension used to open additional editing features
+ File associations, the ability to add users to edit
+ Add + BASS Audio Source Filter (MPC, FLAC, APE, MOD files playback)
+ Environment file (reg, ini) the ability to store additional
+ TAB key information to be displayed on the screen more
+ PNG file, adding the ability to capture images
+ Close to return to the default size when going to add functionality
+ Add level adjustment
+ Add ability to create snapshots
+ Adding Subtitles for later
+ Built-in video codec decoder DXVA MPEG2 VLD More
+ MPEG2 Video File Closed Caption support
+ Full screen the video window to remove the ability to output more
+ Some additional support USB HDTV card
+ The user set the subtitle sync control unit the ability to add
+ Add-ons user rate setting
+ DTS Wave file support
+ Built-in E-AC3 decoding AC3 codec support (but do not complete)
+ BDA (HDTV) receiver function is added to the QAM 256
+ H / W MPEG TV Card Support
+ Select the subtitles (Alt + L) Add-ons
+ Add-ons Add Subtitles
+ ZIP / RAR compressed files to your support in the media (50M file under ...)
+ APE / CUE file list support
+ Simple Add-ons open set
+ Master / Wave mute further
+ Adds skins auto-hide feature
+ DVD menu with your arrow keys to navigate to the city the ability to add
+ Can save what you are watching TV Add-ons
+ Add video capture capabilities
+ Keyboard window position / size adjustment additional
+ SWF file, add the ability to play in DirectShow

- Using an external video codec did not match the aspect ratio problem fixed
- Sometimes the program startup on some systems Fix die
- File PotPlayer mini connection to modify and differentiate PotPlayerreul
- H.264 DXVA decoders for playback on the part of the file tteolrideon Fix
- Monitor move VMR Renderless subtitles strange Were Fix
- Betajeok using full screen or the screen freeze issue did come Revision
- Some files in the H.264 DXVA andoedeon Fix
- Some NVIDIA cards did poor-quality VMR Renderless Subtitles Fix
- "Invalid argument" error correction
- Caption time - then he could not recognize a problem when you start to modify the
- Renderless mode using the TV card games were broadcast over City Fix
- Vista, DXVA H.264 codec that andoedeon Fix
- Seiichi more redundant pixels can be selected to modify the
- Image expansion extended pixel values to be reflected even in this extended video edit
- City TV in Vista Fix errors nadeon
- XP OS from previous errors GetProcessId nadeon Fix
- Playing Flash files error Fix nadeon
- Image caption output and output aspect ratio correction
- Fix file association in Vista
- Some of the files to your VC1 Remux andoedeon Fix
- DXVA IDCT decoder speed improvements
- Utf8-aware improvements Subtitles
- Fixes a problem then he could recognize some srt subtitles
- S / PDIF output allows for modifying the voice capture
- Fix some TS file, then he could recognize
- HDTV receiving PID / PES enhance cognitive function
- Bookmarks / Favorites menu did not work Fix
- Multiple subtitles did not display Fix
- Under certain circumstances, the program does not die in the process list namdeon Fix
- ATI Radeon HD48xx in MEPG1 / 2 DXVA Were Fix a broken screen
- Intel GMA did not work on DXVA Fix
- HDTV saved separately from the PID to save modifications
- HDTV is playing in the middle of changing the codec (MPEG2 <-> H264), and support
- Some large AVI file to play Fix a Harley
- Some voice playback MP4 files did come Fixes
- Chat window, change the broadcast list of keyboard shortcuts, broadcast-related menu, go to
- This application is ... / shortcuts to change your information
- Built-in H.264 codec, as some video acceleration was in the Hesitation Hesitation Fix
- Ruby did not fit the location of the tag problem fixed
- Part of the file to your desktop screen flashes when the problem was modified
- HDTV channel changes, modifying the program to die issues

* Built-in video codecs DXVA1 / 2 support
  MPEG1 / 2 (IDCT / MoComp), WMV2 (MoComp), WMV3 (IDCT / MoComp),
  VC1 (IDCT / MoComp / VLD), H.264/AVC1 (VLD)
* Add seamless file playback
* PotPlayerreul separated DLL, ActiveX Player More
* Offline only players (PotPlayerMini.exe) More

+ EVR (Enhanced Video Renderer) More
+ VMR7, VMR9, EVR support in the caption
+ Winamp DSP plug-in support
+ Adding mouse button + X
+ Mouse double click Add features to your recent files
+ Mouse Add-ons
+ Adding shortcuts + settings
+ Add meoltimidieoki control
+ Adding captions manually enter
+ Adding Subtitles folder settings
+ Add your preferred subtitle language settings features
+ Add images to set the image processing functions
+ Master / wave volume control function is added
+ Add the output color space selection function
+ High-quality RGB conversion, ITU 709, Full Range Add-ons
+ Reverse side features + add video
+ Videos that feature fixed times the size of the additional 0.5/1/1.5/2
+ Add-ons + TV output ratio
+ More TV-related menu
+ More TV-related shortcuts
+ Add pixel shader capabilities
+ VMR7 / 9 Set Add-ons
+ Full-screen mode, the output at the ability to add Direct3D betajeok
+ Add audio sync adjustment
+ Video / audio output device, select the Add-ons
+ Add audio channel selection feature
+ Adding additional set + WDM
+ LPCM/AC3 S / pdif to add the ability to compress the output
+ The use of video filters and video instantly added to the menu
+ WDM channels play in setting the numeric functions can be added
+ Adding Subtitles jangpyeong
+ Add audio resampling functions
+ Add video processing feature set further
+ The ability to add captions to images in output
+ A full screen, a full-screen (Ratio) Add-ons
+ Add to favorites
+ Add a file to a folder like the ability to automatically add to your list, add
+ See my TV picture Add-ons
+ TV Home Address Add + ons
+ Visualization significantly improved (Windows Media Player visualization, visualization Add Album)
+ NSV file support
+ Digital TV (BDA Device) support
+ Analog TV and unplug the device and a separate CAM Support
+ EVR Renderless, Haali Renderer More
+ Adding a chapter to
+ Site directly by typing the ability to move further
+ Add a bookmark feature
+ Add ability to specify a full-screen monitor
+ Add the ability to change full screen resolution
+ Easy Open Add-ons
+ Add chat functionality to ignore
+ Nintendo video files (DPG) Add file playback
+ Add the ability to override the default keyboard shortcuts
+ Add Subtitles paragraph alignment
+ DigitalVideo (DV) devices, adding voice support
+ Message (ODS) feature set further

- Change the default skin beulruton
- Saving the environment not later modify the default
- Modify your startup faster rate
- Some files did not repeat the line Fix
- Some DVD playback was an error Fix
- Some multi-SMI subtitle files then he could properly handle the problem fixed
- You can cancel the automatic updates Edit
- VC1 Harley smooth playback problem fixed
- A specific file, the CPU share your nopdeon Fix
- S / W can not adjust the brightness when the H / W able to modify the
- VMR Renderless Edit Mode enables video capture
- Follow-Air and modify the percentage of TV characters
- Image scaling and image scaling problems when used with modifications
- Ruby, where the output was incorrect caption Fix
- 2G or more files to your Harley Fix
- Some MKV file playback problem
- DXVA Idct / MoComp mode, the speed of improvement
- WDM-channel-related functions improved dramatically
- Processed instantly improve the use of image processing filters
- Chat at HTTP: / / geolrideon Fix incorrect links
- Overlay subtitles on the big screen, showing me the whole Fix
- 1080 Files Were playing at the bottom gray Fix
- Some errors in the system volume control nadeon City Fix
- Full-screen improvements in the handling of the skin
- Personal Broadcasting modify the maximum number of personnel 500-1000
- Play some errors in the system ever they stop nageona Fix
- Some TV card, sound device, improving awareness howanseong
- Real-time broadcast quality improvement
- Did not hide the mouse cursor automatically Fix
- Some issues did not play MPEG2 TS file, modify the
- Starts to run more quickly modify the
- Fix processing of cell connections
- Video Pot cache folder location, use crushed PotPlayerga
- Offline players to not create a log file modification
- Some of the time MP4/MOV file was incorrectly identifies Fix

+ DXVA support for embedded video codec / filter and the ability to attract additional
+ Source / Splitter filter capabilities added to free choice of
+ Add function to free choice of video codecs
+ Add function to free choice of audio codecs
+ Filter's ability to further adjust priorities
+ Built-in audio codec output channel (mono to 7.1 channel) Add-ons
+ Built-in audio codecs, the ability to select the output bit more
+ Built-in audio codec, AC3 audio, S / pdif output as the ability to add
+ Add your mobile set-up time
+ Add the ability to keyframe
+ Add-ons, after
+ SMI subtitles loading ability to add tags added BR
+ Set line spacing + Adding Subtitles
+ Add bidiohpat ad volume adjustment
+ Bidiohpat Recommended Add-ons
+ Resize images before you add the ability to expand

* SMI subtitle support enhancements of HTML tags (Ruby tag support)
* ASS subtitle output of the bug fixes
* MP4/VC1 support * MPEG files, H.264/QAM strengthen support
* Enhanced file support * MP4/MOV
* Theora / Flac in Ogg support
* Real Media (RM) files, enhanced support (Surestream Support)
* Real Audio (RA) file support
* The default renderer from VMR9 to overlay mixer Revision

- By segmentation errors bidiohpat modified to show details
- Some did not run in Window 98 Fix
- Subtitle Language modify the settings to be maintained
- Star changmodeu Were black screen capture problem fixed

* Bidiohpat, TV Pot, rayibeupat integrated gaepyeon
* New skins

+ Screen Capture mouse cursor as the ability to capture additional
+ Add + DRM Upgrade Program
+ Add chat alarm

- Improved error handling bidiohpat
- FLV file format support, and more
- Bidiohpat Policy Revision Log
- Jaesaenghu bidiohpat at the end of the program did not go down in memory, problem fixed
- Saving the environment by INI andoedeon Fix
- Alert errors were playing bidiohpat Fix
- When ever they stop playing music when you close the file Fix
- This was not broadcast in some AMD CPU Fix
- Chats, but their color and font settings to modify the output
- Overlay subtitles did come Fixes
- The system was slow, error messages turntables Fixes
- Buffering process improvement

* Change the name in live PotPlayerro * Daum Daum

+ Black List Management page added
+ Add a volume control dialog box
+ Video bit rate processing improvements
+ Add high-quality compression
+ See all Add-ons
+ Add screen TV Show Coming Soon
+ The ability to pass the file directly to add the subtitles on Air
+ Add a quick screen capture feature
+ 16:10 aspect ratio, the ratio of the screen, select Add-ons
+ Messages Add ability to display images on the screen
+ Add Broadcast preview
+ Broadcast a preview of the skip when the screen capture function is added to
+ Screen captures of the video output when adding the ability to skip
+ 1024 * 768, 40 fps More
+ Smooth, sharpen, noise reduction, level of compensation added
+ Broadcast TV channels, set the feature to add the window
+ Chat window add the ability to decide the opening of the yumyureul
+ Minimized windows when minimizing and other add-ons are not

- Http link in the wrong chat window doedeon Fix
- Play some FLV video files did come Fixes
- Some Fixes a problem then he could not handle multiple subtitles
- Broadcast judging eating 100% CPU Fix
- Broadcast recording audio / video sync problem fixed did
- Add a sound when the size of the audio input jakdeon Fix
- TV connected to a long geolrideon Fix
- Saturation / Color setting down doedeon Fix
- Fix an infinite buffering up nadeon
- Improve the message to be output to the overlay
- Broadcast closing speed improvements
- Sometimes the program die Fix
- Change the size of your screen when you move a docked window modification
- Video bitrate improvements process
- 2G then he could not support the file Fix
- Used a lot of CPU on some systems Fix
- Click the video player was not running Pot City Fix
- Fix some caption did come

+ Chat, add custom search feature
+ Add buffering capabilities to the compression settings
+ Televise the ability to decide whether to accept additional
+ Add compression capability to set a fixed bit rate
+ Compression settings FPS 1, 5, 10 More
+ Ctrl + C to copy the chat window in the Add-ons
+ Chat Manager Add-ons
+ Adding the state broadcasting
+ Supports playing music visualization
+ Music broadcast during the screen capture support
+ Srt, Idx, Sub subtitle file support
+ Video bit rate, depending on network conditions, further regulation
+ Video frame, depending on network conditions, Skip Add-ons
+ Better support compression resolution
+ Enter an external audio file support + TV (menteu Features)

- You're on the air audio input screen capture / possibly modify the device in the Open
- TV / kaemdeungeseo your screen to smoothly modify
- Did not come all of the chat users list Fix
- Subtitles in accordance with the resolution of the problem was not fixed by modifying the size of
- Visualization and Screen Capture allows you to select the Edit
- Http:// links in the chat window to allow modification
- Alert errors, some modifications
- Fixes a problem in a large font
- On Air A / V sync by more than 10 seconds into nalsi screen capture
- VMR9 Renderless mode ever they stop Sometimes Fix
- Buffering process improvement
- Video bit rate management enhancements
- Screen capture rate improved slightly
- Fix the memory Lyric
- Changing the resolution of broadcast errors saenggideon Fix
- Some cam broadcast at issue, modify the colors reversed doedeon
- Screen Cam ssainpen ability to draw the wrong place, soon Fixes
- Chat list update cycle modification

+ More recently the ability to maintain your list 
+ Add the ability to change the video compression of broadcast 
+ Screen capture functions + added a filter to smooth 
+ Broadcast delay further the ability to skip frames nopeulttae 
+ AB repeat function added 
+ Opening skip, skip functions add the ending 
+ Previous / Next frame, Previous / Next, add captions to 
+ Add your control menu, control your speed 
+ Add a voice modulation capabilities 
+ Add + on Air recording capabilities 
+ Ssainpen Add-ons 
+ Add Subtitles Explorer 
+ Add pan & scan presets 
+ Add ability to play files that are shared 
+ Codec update itself 
+ Show your playlist file time 

- Broadcast at the end of the chat window not clearing the contents of the modified 
- Live at the end of the following error on some computers that were bangsaeng Fix 
- Capture the entire screen during the game broadcast ended doedeon Fix 
- 100% by volume of the sound mixer matchudeon Fix 
- 0 byte files when ever they stop your problem fixed 
- Broadcast on the list is a mosaic Were Fix 
- Ever they stop broadcasting at the end of the problem, some modifications in the system 
- Were some green screen during broadcasts Cam Fix 
- DirectX9 did not run unless the underlying problem fixed 
- Some files from your list, then he could not be parsed Fix 
- 16-bit color selection from the emoticon was an error Fix 
- In some videos to MP3 audio was captured when an error occurs Fix 
- Win98 16-bit color overlay on the screen did come Fixes

+ Open thread using Tasks Add-ons
+ Add Subtitles output overlay
+ CDDA, CDXA, VOB file format support
+ CD add the Open menu
+ Add video ghosting removal
+ INI file, adding the ability to save your preferences
+ Add a file connection
+ Flash (SWF) files, add to your capabilities
+ Add video capture capabilities
+ Add a voice capture capabilities
+ VMR7 / 9 Renderless mode added

- Image scaling with expansion and use error correction

Daum live beta distribution