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720p PotPlayer Default Settings[edit]

Using 720p .mp4 trailer from - http://www.hd-trailers.net/movie/the-lego-movie/

This screenshot was taken with PotPlayer using the default settings for everything. If you just installed PotPlayer and immediately played the 720p Logo Movie trailer, this is what it would look like.

1 potplayer default no madvr 720p.jpg

720p PotPlayer with madVR: Defaults[edit]

This screenshot was taken with PotPlayer using the Madshi Video Renderer which can be found under "Video" in the PotPlayer settings. I always use madVR to render video because it does such a good job at improving video quality, even with the default madVR settings it still looks way better than using PotPlayer's default video renderer.

Notice how much smoother and sharper the video is with madVR enabled.

2 potplayer cuda dxva2 madvr default 720p.jpg

For the screenshot above I also set all PotPlayer video decoders to use CUDA if possible, otherwise I set the decoders to use FFmpeg. The screenshot below shows the settings I was using at the time.

Potplayer video decoder CUDA FFmpeg DXVA2.jpg

720p PotPlayer with madVR: Artifact Removal Enabled[edit]

For this screenshot I enabled Artifact Removal which is located under the processing settings for madVR.

3 potplayer cuda dxva2 madvr artifact removal on 720p.jpg

I enabled artifact removal by checking the box that says "reduce banding artifacts" and left the default banding strength at low, and strength during fade to high, which are both the default settings.

Potplayer madvr artifact removal 720p.jpg

You can see that artifact removal helps to clean up the video in the screenshot. It's not always really noticable but I always check the "Reduce Banding Artifacts" box, which never seems to be enabled by default.

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