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How to install and Configure S3 Browser on Windows 8.1[edit]

You can download the latest version of S3 Browser by visiting this link - http://s3browser.com/download.php

Once you have downloaded S3 Browser, run the EXE file to install the application. The installation process for S3 Browser is pretty straight forward.

Once the installation is complete, open up S3 Browsers, then click on "Accounts" > "Add New Account"

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  • Account Name - This is the name you want to use for the account, this will be displayed in S3 Browser, and does not need to be an actual user name from S3 or whatever other provider you use. The name you choose is only relevant to the local installation of S3 Browser.
  • Storage Type - If you use AWS S3, then you would obviously select "Amazon S3 Storage" for this section. If you use another cloud provider, such as LiquidWeb you should select "S3 Compatible Storage". You can create two accounts if you want to use multiple providers. Regardless you will either use S3 or a compatible Object Storage option.
  • REST ENDPOINT - You will want to enter in the endpoint that S3 Browser should use to authenticate and send / receive data. This information can be found in the vendor specific portal that was used to sign up for / order Object Storage services. In the case of LiquidWeb's Object Storage you would enter in "objects.liquidweb.services" as the end point.
  • Access Key ID - This can be found in the same area as "REST Endpoint". You can create multiple access keys which can be allowed access to certain buckets. If you plan on isolating content on a per user basis, you would want to create a new access key for each user. In a way, the Access Key ID is similar to a traditional username.
  • Secret Key - The Secret Key is similar to the traditional password. You use the Access Key to tell the S3 Browser who you are, and you supply the Secret Key to prove you are actually that person and do have access to the files.

Once you have filled out these fields, click on "Add New Account" at the bottom of the page. If everything was entered in correctly you should be able to create a new folder, upload a file or similar things.