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madVR Settings for Low End - Mid Range PCs: spelling correction: "ma'am"
==madVR Settings for Low End - Mid Range PCs==
If you are looking for a '''TL;DR (quick look at the table below)''' section that suggests some settings to use with a relatively high end PC, then welcome sir / mamma'am. I'm using these settings with PotPlayer / MPC-HC and I am at around 30ms per frame render times which means that I use one set of MadVR options for 480p, 720p, and 1080p videos. I am using an Intel i7-4790k and a Nvidia GTX 970 on Windows 8.1 Pro with GeForce Driver: 347.09. The date is January 16th if you really wanna get specific and MadVR 0.87.13 is in use.
I went ahead and took a bunch of '''[ 720p Chroma Upscaling screenshot comparisons]''' so you can compare image quality between various Chroma Upscaling algorithms like Jinc, or NNEDI3. I will eventually get around to doing image upscaling and resolution doubling comparisons when I get the time.
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