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nnedi3 overview and configuration
==nnedi3 overview and configuration== *NNEDI3 github readme link -- '''''' ===What is an nnedi3 neuron?=== NNEDI3 has a "predictor neural network" that consists of neurons. Possible settings for madvr NNEDI3 neurons are 16, 32, 64, 128, and 256. 16 is fastest. 256 is slowest, but should give the best quality. This is a quality vs speed option; however, differences are usually small between the amount of neurons for a specific resize factor, however the performance difference between the count of neurons becomes larger as you quadruple the image size. If you are only planning on doubling the resolution then you won't see massive differences between 16 and 256 neurons. There is still a noticeable difference between the highest and lowest options, but not orders of magnitude different.<pre>0 - 16 neurons1 - 32 neurons2 - 64 neurons3 - 128 neurons4 - 256 neurons</pre> ===What is an nnedi3 neuron have to do with madvr?===
If you have a GPU that is DX11 compatible you can enable '''NNEDI3''' for '''[[ Chroma Upscaling]]''' and image doubling with '''[[ madVR]]'''. This can be very GPU intensive and if you raise the settings too high you will start to see dropped frames,if you notice dropped frames press these keys (CRTL + J). If you own a GTX 970 or GTX 980 and have a decent CPU then you should be able to utilize NNEDI3 in the following areas:

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