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nnedi3 and MPC-HC with GTX 770
Currently these settings allow me to view 1080p movies without dropping any frames. This is on a 4K monitor. I had to use DXVA2 for image upscaling, since any other settings resulted in 50ms + render times, which resulted in a lot of dropped frames. Image quality looks good and these settings also work fine for 720p movies and below.
{| class="wikitable" style="text-align: center; color: black;"
|Scaling SettingOption|Algorithm Value
|'''chroma upscaling'''|Jinc 3 Tap + ARNNEDI3 32
|'''image doubling'''|Always double Luma and Chroma always resolution 64 neurons
|'''image upscaling'''|DXVA2Lanczos 4 Taps with anti-ringing filter
|'''image downscaling'''|CatmullBicubic 75 with anti-Romringing filter|-|'''smooth motion'''|enable smooth motion only if...|-|'''dithering'''|Error Diffusion Option 2

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