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Real photo postcards

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Many of the postcards shown below are from my Dad's postcard collection. The purpose of this page is to upload and categorize as many antique postcards as possible so that they can be easily searched for, and found later on. His website can be found at
==Real Photo Postcards Featuring Animals==
This is a real photo postcard taken in Bitely Michigan of deer in a natural setting taken sometime in the 1940s.
Another real photo postcard (RPPC) of deer, this was taken in Fairview Michigan during the 1940s.
Real photo taken in the 1940s, location is Norway Michigan featuring deer.
==Interesting Antique Postcards==
This guy looks pretty awesome, likely fun to drink with!
Maybe bigfoot was a cyclopse afterall?
A new meme for the internet! Enjoy with a nice thumbs up!
Actual real 100% not fake massive rabbit. Old people did have a sense of humor! ;)
This actually happened in florida!
A buffalo saying hi from buffalo, ha ha.
Silly cows, you don't talk, people do!
Nudist ghosts...that's a new one and this is from a really old postcard!
Rare antique postcard of a women getting top ripped off by an alligator. Crazy stuff!
Cars are serious business, monkies should not be fixing cars, then again this was back in the day, so who knows :)
This is a real photo postcard of S. Theodore Roosevelt boat, located in Benton Harbor Michigan.
==Cars and Traffic==
Real Photo taken a long time ago of Flat Rock Michigan. The photo contains an intersection and some early model cars. The photo is of Huron Street.
==The Beach and Oceans==
The "Aeroplane in action" on the beach of St. Joseph Michigan. The beach is called Silver Beach. This is not a real photo, but it is an antique postcard.
==Schools and Old Buildings==
An antique real photograph of the Mason High school in Michigan. This appears to be taken in the early 1900s and is certainly an old photo.

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