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Boris 3 Prism Trading Cards

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Boris 3 Card Scans
'''10 BURNING''' This painting was done for Boris' book, Mirage. He used the same model throughout the book, but says he would shy away from a move like that today. "It seems a bit repetititive ...," he ex-plains.
'''11 MEDEA''' Boris did this painting for the 1992 book, "Ladies," Boris says that, since he has been painting and illustrating for so many years, "I don't always have to think about the process. A lot of the things I do in a painting are totally spontaneous ... there's not always a real active thought process going on."
'''12 CORONIS''' This was one of the ten paintings Boris did for his most recent book, "Ladies." Accord-ing to Boris, the main character of this painting is discovering her own death.
'''13 ICARUS IN FLIGHT''' Boris calls the model for this 1988 painting "striking." He met the model in a gym where they both trained, and the two became friends. Boris also encountered some criticism for abandoning con-vention and por-traying Icarus as an African Ameri-can. However, he retorts, "I'm interested only in doing a good painting ...whether (the model) is black, white. Oriental or what-ever ..
'''14 PANDORA''' Boris' latest book, titled "Ladies," features this 1990 painting. While he did another rendition of Pandora for a calendar. Boris felt that this painting "indicated even moreso the curiosity of Pandora... which, of course, was her doom and the doom of humanity."
'''15 DEJANIRA''' Dejanira doesn't usually make top billing in Boris' mind when the two appear together in a painting. "I've always liked, of course, the image of Hercules as ... the epitome of bodybuilding," he says, "but this work was done for `Ladies,' and so the dominant As the mythological figure had to be cal wife of Her Dejanira."
'''16 IRON MAN''' Boris did this painting as a promotional piece for the Iron Man Triathalon, a bodybuilding/fitness competition held in Hawaii. He en-joys painting in metallics, and is finding more and more opportunities such as this to do it. While the colorful shirt emphasizes the con-test's tropical locale, Boris was careful not to "overdo the color and take away from the feeling of the iron."
'''17 JOTUN''' The Jotun was a benevolent angel-demon in Ger-manic mythology. The Valkyries made offerings to him in exchange for strength to help them in battle. The Jotun could adopt different shapes and would often act while remain-company the ing invisible to Valkyrie to compopponents.
'''18 DIVING''' For this 1986 painting, Boris used a model he met at a gym where he trained. He points out that, during the photo shoot, he's forced to be creative in arranging poses that will translate into realistic action in the painting. "I had to photograph this women from above as she was laying arched on a board," Boris explains.
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