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Boris 3 Prism Trading Cards

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Boris 3 Card Scans
'''1 GYMNASTICS''' Boris claims people often wonder what this painting has to do with gymnastics, to which he responds, "I see a balance beam artist, parallel bars and a rope climber when I look at this painting!"
'''2 TREE OF DEATH''' This painting was done in 1979 as a bookcover for Doubleday. Al-though Although it's often the case that the title of the paint-ing would reflect the title of the book, in this case, Boris admits, it did not. " 'Tree of Death' is just a catchy name I can't even recall the name of the book."
'''3 THE FURIES''' Boris' current love, Julie Bell, posed for the main figure in this 1991 painting. He calls the painting ironic, explaining that "any-one anyone who knows Julie knows that she is a warm, patient, kind person ... the painting is so inconspicuous of who she really is."
'''4 CHROME ROBOT STUDY''' This study, done in 1984 for a series of short stories by Isaac Asimov, represents what Boris calls "the triumph of technology." While the sketch was done without a model, the finished piece (Card #44 in this series) utilized the services of a bodybuilder Boris met at a gym he frequented.
'''5 KALEVANPOJAT''' The demonic Finnish folklore giant, Kalevanpojat, was created by the goddess Aliej from burned trees after a forest fire. Kalevanpojat was given the ability to turn fertile land into heaps of stones with the power of this magic sickle, but he could also convert wasteland
'''6 HIPPOCAMPUS''' Boris used Julie Bell, his current love, as the model for this 1991 painting. Although he's careful not to over-use overuse one model, Boris enjoys working with Julie because she is an artist as well, and has "a good appreciation of the other side of what's needed on the lens."
'''7 WINTER GODDESS''' Boris enjoys painting animals, but says they don't always fit into the specific style or niche he has developed for himself. Of this painting, he says, "As I look at it right now, if I were to do it again I probably would place even more emphasis on the polar bear than I did."
'''15 DEJANIRA''' Dejanira doesn't usually make top billing in Boris' mind when the two appear together in a painting. "I've always liked, of course, the image of Hercules as ... the epitome of bodybuilding," he says, "but this work was done for `Ladies,' and so the dominant As the mythological figure had to be cal wife of Her Dejanira."
'''16 IRON MAN''' Boris did this painting as a promotional piece for the Iron Man Triathalon, a bodybuilding/fitness competition held in Hawaii. He en-joys painting in metallics, and is finding more and more opportunities such as this to do it. While the colorful shirt emphasizes the con-testcontest's tropical locale, Boris was careful not to "overdo the color and take away from the feeling of the iron."
'''17 JOTUN''' The Jotun was a benevolent angel-demon in Ger-manic Germanic mythology. The Valkyries made offerings to him in exchange for strength to help them in battle. The Jotun could adopt different shapes and would often act while remain-company the ing invisible to Valkyrie to compopponents.
'''18 DIVING''' For this 1986 painting, Boris used a model he met at a gym where he trained. He points out that, during the photo shoot, he's forced to be creative in arranging poses that will translate into realistic action in the painting. "I had to photograph this women from above as she was laying arched on a board," Boris explains.

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