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Boris 3 Prism Trading Cards

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Cards 1-9
'''8 ANATH SLAYS THE WARRIORS''' Boris says of the story behind this painting, "It's a miracle it ever made it to completion!" This was the final painting for Boris' 1989 calendar. Up against a dead-line, he suddenly found himself bedridden with back trouble. Undaunted, Boris continued to paint from his bed, but he would often fall asleep from the medication and awaken to find the painting had fallen onto his face! Nonetheless he managed to finish it on schedule. Boris' former wife, Doris, and his son, Dorian, were the only models for this painting.
'''9 RIDERS FROM THE PAST''' In this painting, ancient men on horseback literally approach the future with apprehension and curiosity. Boris believes in the triumph of technology and the future, and enjoys doing paintings such as this to ex-press express it.  
===Cards 10-18===

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