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nnedi3 overview and configuration
==nnedi3 overview and configuration==
Please visit the other madvr pages for more information.
*'''[ Main madvr Wiki]'''*'''[ Error Diffusion Wiki]'''*'''[ MadVR Processing Options and Settings]'''*'''[ MadVR Chroma Upscaling]'''*'''[ 720p Image Quality Comparisons]'''*'''[ 1080p Image Quality Comparisons]'''*'''[ NNEDI3 github readme]'''
===What is an nnedi3 neuron?===
'''Image Doubling''': Always Double Luma Resolution @ 64 Neurons
Please keep in mind that if you watch 480p or 720p video, you will be using a lot more resources than watching a 1080p video, so test out all video sizes before you finalize your configuration. If you set Chroma Upscaling to a less demanding algorithm like BiCubic you will have much smoother playback with lower resolution videos.
==NNEDI3 Forum Post Links==

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