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<seo title="nnedi3 overview and configurationWTF is NNEDI3? It helps to improve video quality with MadVR" titlemode="append" keywords="nnedi3 overview and configuration" description="nnedi3 overview MadVR recently added NNEDI3 as an algorithm option for Chroma Upscaling and configurationImage Doubling. Sound cool? Learn more here!"></seo>[[Image:Liquidweb_728x90.jpg|link=]]
==nnedi3 overview and configuration==
Other madVR and Video related pages can be found below
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===What is an nnedi3 neuron?===
===What is an nnedi3 neuron have to do with madvr?===
If you have a GPU that is DX11 compatible you can enable '''NNEDI3''' for '''[[ Chroma Upscaling]]''' and image doubling with '''[[ madVR]]'''. This can be very GPU intensive and if you raise the settings too high you will start to see dropped frames,if you notice dropped frames press these keys (CRTL + J). If you own a GTX 970 or GTX 980 and have a decent CPU then you should be able to utilize NNEDI3 in the following areas:
'''Chroma Upscaling''': NNEDI3 @ 32 Neurons
Please keep in mind that if you watch 480p or 720p video, you will be using a lot more resources than watching a 1080p video, so test out all video sizes before you finalize your configuration. If you set Chroma Upscaling to a less demanding algorithm like BiCubic you will have much smoother playback with lower resolution videos.
==NNEDI3 Forum Post Links==*[ Error Diffusion Wiki]*General Overview of the new NNEDI3 features -- '''[http://communitywiki.futuremarkmikejung.combiz/MadVR_Chroma_Upscaling MadVR Chroma Upscaling]*[http:/forum/showthreadwiki.mikejung.php?179769-Video-rendering-finally-caught-up-with-high-end-cards-say-Hi-to-NNEDI3!'''biz/MadVR_Chroma_Upscaling_720p_Image_Quality 720p Image Quality Comparisons]
==How to Enhance Video Image with MPC-HC and MadVR nnedi3 GTX 970==
|Error Diffusion Option 1
==nnedi3 and MPC-HC with GTX 770==
Using the configuration above, I get render times that are under 30ms for almost all content. In addition to these settings you might be able to get away with enabling "Smooth Motion" OR "Error Diffusion Dithering Option 1", but not both, if I enabled both settings render times jumped to over 50ms which means there are lots of dropped frames. I think this might be an SLI issue since dropping my cards out of SLI and using a single card seems to handle the configuration a lot better.
==NNEDI3 Forum Post Links==
*General Overview of the new NNEDI3 features -- '''!'''

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