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Mod_pagespeed Caches
ModPagespeedLRUCacheKbPerProcess 8192 (8MB Per Apache Process)
ModPagespeedLRUCacheByteLimit 16384 (16KB size limit per object in LRU)
===SharedMemory MetadataCache===
In addition to the FileCache and per process LRU caches, you can customize yet another cache option for mod_pagespeed. This cache is the awesome cache because it uses shared memory which means that all the Apache processes can access the same cache, unlike the per process LRU caches (which are still good to have). Since there is only one cache, we can set the size limit to 50MB or higher without having to worry about too many processes using memory.
To configure ModPagespeedCreateSharedMemoryMetadataCache you should specify the same path you used for "ModPagespeedFileCachePath" and as a second option, specify a size for the cache, the value here is in KB.
ModPagespeedCreateSharedMemoryMetadataCache "/var/cache/pagespeed/" 51200 (50MB)

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