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Varnish Storage Backends
==Varnish Storage Backends==
Varnish has 3 storage options for the '''[[|cache]]''' file, malloc and persistent storage. The most common type is malloc. Varnish mentions that the persistent storage option is still experimental, so there are really only 2 options to use in a production environment.
Regardless of whether you use the file or malloc method you should keep in mind that there is an approximate overhead of 1KB of memory per object stored in the Varnish cache. If you had 10,000 objects in the Varnish cache, each with 1KB overhead, there would be a total of 10MB overhead. This means that even if you set the cache size to 100MB, Varnish will go over this limit if the cache ever gets completely full. This shouldn't be a huge issue in most cases, but keep this in mind if you notice a Varnish server swapping a lot.

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