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== Install Varnish 4.0.2 On CentOS 6.5 ==
Download and Install the Repo from Varnish
rpm -i jemalloc-3.6.0-1.el6.x86_64.rpm
'''Backup''' existing config files. A backup is made when you remove Varnish 3, but do it anyway! Varnish 4 is going to get installed with default configs, so it has no idea what the backends are, or were, and all the VCL is going to be gone, so having the original configs to fall back on is nice.
At this point, you can start up varnish. Replace the new Varnish config files with the old ones and you should be back up and running. VCL changes will probably cause varnish to fail if you have a ton of crazy vcl, so you will want to test it out before you do this live.
If you notice some odd issues with Varnish, check dmesg, if you see this you should raise the limit.
==Varnish Benchmarks==
*Running on CentOS 6

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