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==nnedi3 overview and configuration==
Other madVR and Video related pages can be found below
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|'''[[MadVR|MadVR Main MadVR Page]]'''
|'''[ Main PotPlayer Page[MadVR Chroma Upscaling 720p Image Quality|720p Chroma Upscaling Screens]]'''
|'''[[PotPlayer DSR|PotPlayer + Nvidia DSR + madVR]]'''
|'''[[PotPlayer madVR MadVR Image Doubling 720p Settings|PotPlayer Rendering and Decoding720p Image Doubling]]'''
|'''[ Dithering: [Error Diffusion ComparisonsDithering|madVR Dithering]]'''
|'''[ [MadVR Chroma Upscaling|Chroma Upscaling Benchmarks]]'''||'''[[Nvidia Noise Reduction]]'''
|'''[ 720p [PotPlayer|PotPlayer Main Page]]'''||'''[[MadVR Chroma Upscaling 1080p Image Quality|1080p Chroma Upscaling Screens]]'''
|'''[ 1080p Chroma Upscaling Screens[PotPlayer madVR 720p Settings|PotPlayer Decoder Comparison]]'''
|'''[ [MadVR Image Upscaling|720p Image Doubling with NNEDI3 ScreensUpscaling]]'''
|'''[ 720p Image Upscaling Screens[MadVR Processing Settings|Processing Options]]'''
|'''[ MadVR Processing Options and Settings[Nnedi3|NNEDI3 Main Page]]'''
|'''[ NNEDI3 Overview[Nvidia Edge Enhancement]]'''
===What is an nnedi3 neuron?===

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