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How To Install WHMCS 6 on CentOS 7 cPanel[edit]

Upload and Unzip WHMCS 6[edit]

Step 1) Upload latest version of WHMCS to the server you want to host it on. I prefer to use SCP, but you can also upload the file via FTP or using cPanel's built in File Manager.

scp Downloads/whmcs_v602_full.zip [email protected]$server_IP:/home/$cPanel_user/public_html/

Step 2) Unzip WHMCS on the server after it's been uploaded. Ideally you want to unzip this file while in /home/$cpanel_user/public_html/

cd /home/$cpanel_user/public_html/
unzip whmcs_v602_full.zip

Apply permissions and ownerships to WHMCS 6 files[edit]

Step 3) Apply proper ownership and permissions to the newly created "whmcs" directory

chown -R $cPanel_user. /home/$cpanel_user/public_html/whmcs/

Prepare for WHMCS 6 browser install[edit]

Step 4) rename "configuration.php.new" to "configuration.php", this file can be found under the main whmcs directory.

mv /home/$cpanel_user/public_html/whmcs/configuration.php.new /home/$cpanel_user/public_html/whmcs/configuration.php

Step 5) In cPanel, create a new database and database user to use for the WHMCS install process.

Begin WHMCS 6 install process[edit]

Step 6) Visit http://$your_domain/whmcs/install/install.php in a browser to begin the install process.

Step 7) Enter in database credentials that you used when creating the database in cpanel, then create an admin user with a SECURE password.

Post Install Cleanup[edit]

Step 8) After the install completes, remove the "/install/" directory, located under:



rm -rf /home/$cpanel_user/public_html/whmcs/install/

Step 9) Create crontab entry for the cpanel user that will run once a day at 12:01 AM

crontab -u $cPanel_user -e

Once the crontab editor is open, paste in this line, save the file and exit.

1 0 * * * php -q /home/$cPanel_user/public_html/whmcs/crons/cron.php >/dev/null 2>&1