Boris 3 Prism Trading Cards

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Created by Boris Vallejo in the 1990s, this series of trading cards features amazing art as well as flashy / prism color!

Boris 3 Card Scans

Cards 1-9

Boris3-1-9.jpg Boris3-1-9-back.jpg

Cards 10-18

Boris3-10-18.jpg Boris3-10-18-back.jpg

Cards 19-27

Boris3-19-27.jpg Boris3-19-27-back.jpg

Cards 28-36

Boris3-28-36.jpg Boris3-28-36-back.jpg

Cards 37-45

Boris3-37-45.jpg Boris3-37-45-back.jpg

Cards 46-54

Boris3-46-54.jpg Boris3-46-54-back.jpg Cards 55-63 Boris3-55-63.jpg Boris3-55-63-back.jpg

Cards 64-72

Boris3-64-72.jpg Boris3-64-72-back.jpg