Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

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1994 Saban Trading Card Series 2 Foils

Flying Ranger Card #7

Jason, also known as the Red Ranger is acting a fool while battling Rita's goons!



1994 Saban Trading Card Subset White Ranger

White Ranger WR-3

The white ranger gives Lord Zed a good fight!



White Ranger WR-4

This is the 4th white ranger subset card! The White Ranger has been to the command center where Zordon introduces him to the gang for the first time!



White Ranger WR-6

The White Ranger usd to be the green ranger but was not good enough, now Tommy has proved himself and becomes the white ranger



=Magic Morpher Subset

Dinozords are very awesome, this specific card is a morpher version of the Mastodon from power rangers.