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1994 FPG Mike Ploog Trading Cards

Card 1) Werewolf vs. Frankenstein

The monster thought that he had found a kin-ed spirit in the werewolf. But his unreliable sposition made it impossible to be friends.


Card 2) The Last Hunt

His last dying breath sounded the end of the era of the dragon. A great sadness came over the hunter, for he had not foreseen this moment.


Card 3) Gentle Giant

Like most children, her heart was free of fear. She was blind to his ugliness. All she could see was that, in this monstrous creature, there lived a gentle, naive soul.


Card 4) The Woodsman's Cottage

The night air was filled with music. The sound of the violin was clear like running water and as soothing as warm sunlight. The monster was drawn to the woodsman's cottage.


Card 5) Dracula

He has a magnetic personality and possesses a certain charm. But beware: once bitten, forever smitten.


Card 6) Hunting Tales

"I'm not a trophy hunter, mind ya'. But see this here tooth? It came from the most hideous creature that ya' ever saw. I'd've brought back more of 'em, but I'd been lost for two weeks up there on Pucker Ridge, 'n I was so hungry, I ate the rest of 'em."


Card 7) The Wraith

The Dark Lord called, and the lifeless shells of evil soldiers emerged from the depths of hell.


Card 8) Land's End

It was decided that the two kings would engage in battle. The survivor would be the sole possessor of the land. Neither king survived this battle but, still, there was no peace, for two more kings appeared.


Card 9) Fight for the Night

As darkness closes in, mankind takes to the shelter of its houses and huddles around the fire. Outside, screams and screeches can be heard as the demons battle for possession of the night.