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Nvidia Noise Reduction 720p

While you can use something like MadVR to improve video quality, you should also make sure that you are enabling Nvidia's video enhancements which can make a large impact in terms of improving video quality. The impact on performance is minimal if you enable Nvidia's video enhancements, so I suggest utilizing these enhancements whenever possible. Noise Reduction and Edge Enhancement work well together, especially around the 30% mark.

For this round of comparisons I am only using Noise Reduction in the Nvidia Control Panel. I set Edge Enhancement to "Use Player Settings". I then played a 720p video and raised the slider for Noise Reduction by 25% intervals, starting with 0%.

The only real difference that I noticed was that higher noise reduction settings actually made the images look more noisy. Once you set noise reduction above 75% the video will sometimes look kind of strange. Not sure what causes this exactly, but I would cap the noise reduction to around 60%. Every video will be a little different, so test out a few videos before you decide on what to set here.

Noise Reduction and Edge Enhancement can be found in the Nvidia Control Panel under the video settings.


Noise Reduction 0%

Played using MPC-HC with the CUVID Video Decoder enabled, using default MPC-HC video renderer for the sake of having a baseline configuration starting point. I set the noise reduction slider to 0% for this screenshot.


Noise Reduction 25%

Using the same settings as mentioned previously. For this screenshot I raised noise reduction to 25%. If you look closely, there is a slight difference, but it's so small that I can't really tell the difference between 0% and 25% noise reduction.


Noise Reduction 50%

Again, even at 51% reduction, I don't see a massive difference in noise reduction, then again, the video already looks fine so there may not be much to improve on.


Noise Reduction 75%


Noise Reduction 100%

The video starts looking a little crazy once you raise noise reduction to 100%, sometimes you will see yellowish blobs and strange artifacts. I do not suggest setting noise reduction past 75%, personally I leave it at 30%.  

Nvidia Noise Reduction Summary

There's really no reason to set Noise Reduction past 50%, in most cases video quality either degrades after 50%, or the difference in quality remains the same. Personally I use 30% Noise Reduction along with 40% Edge Enhancement. Less seems to be more when it comes to Nvidia's video enhancements.

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