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In-Memory LRU Cache
The '''ModPagespeedLRUCacheByteLimit''' is the limit on how large a cache entry the LRU cache will accept. Unlike the ModPagespeedLRUCacheKbPerProcess value, this setting is in BYTES, not KB. A value of 16384 is 0.015 MB. Generally you want to keep the max size down low to avoid wasted space in the LRU cache. If you set this to say, 1MB then all the LRU caches might be constantly removing items like images because nothing else can fit in the LRU, this cache should be for small stuff, not large stuff.
If you are using Apache Event and aren't running tons of Apache processes, the settings below should be a good starting point. Usually even on an idle server there will be 4 - 5 apache processes running, so if you set each LRU cache to use 8MB you will be looking at an extra 40MB of memory usage, which is totally worth it imo.
ModPagespeedLRUCacheKbPerProcess 10248192 (8MB Per Apache Process)ModPagespeedLRUCacheByteLimit 16384(16KB size limit per object in LRU)

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