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Ioncube loader

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<seo title="Issues with Ioncube loader versions on cPanel? Fix here!" titlemode="append" keywords="ioncube loader cpanel" description="Learn how to overcome Ioncube loader version issues with cpanel"></seo>
==How to update ioncube loader for WHMCS 7using WHM UI==
If you are trying to install WHMCS 7 or WHMCS 7.1 on cPanel / WHM and encounter a white page when trying to view WHMCS in a browser, you '''probably need to update ioncube loader to the latest version''' for '''[ WHMCS]''' to work correctly. You can view the [[Apache]] error logs look for any ioncube related errors like the one below.
At this point you should be able to install and use WHMCS without any issues
==How to install the latest Ioncube Loader for cPanel using ssh==
If you prefer to use ssh instead of WHM's UI (understandable), you can use yum to install the latest version of Ioncube Loader for whatever version of PHP you want. If you are using WHM multi-PHP and want to install ioncube for all versions, you can also do that. You must be using Easy Apache 4 for these commands to work.
For '''PHP 5.4''' use this command to install ioncube loader 6. However, you should seriously consider upgrading PHP versions because PHP 5.4 is old and slow.
yum install ea-php54-php-ioncube6.x86_64
For '''PHP 5.5''' use this command to install ioncube loader 6. You should also consider upgrading PHP versions
yum install ea-php55-php-ioncube6.x86_64
For '''PHP 5.6''' use this command to install ioncube loader 6. If you can get away with upgrading to PHP 7 you will experience increased performance!
yum install ea-php56-php-ioncube6.x86_64
For '''PHP 7''' use this command to install ioncube loader 6. If you are running this command, you're awesome!
yum install ea-php70-php-ioncube6.x86_64

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