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Privacy Policy for[edit]

I don't allow visitors to sign up and contribute to this wiki. Sorry, maybe that will change one day but for now I'm not going to deal with it. Because I don't ask for personal information, or provide a way for you to give it to me, this is going to be a short Privacy Policy.

I use Google Analytics to keep track of metrics like Page Views, Bounce Rates, Geolocation, and other common stuff like that.

I also display Google Ads on my wiki, not that you would know since I'm sure you use some type of ad blocking software, which is totally fine with me. Just saying, Google is all over this site and if you are not ok with that I would point you here:

My wiki is soon to ne on the "whitelist" for AdBlockPlus, or at least that is the plan. If you would like more information about AdBlock, and their acceptable ads, please visit this link -

You can also visit the AdBlock forums -

Other than that, I know nothing about you, and to be honest I don't have time to learn more about you even if I tried. I'm sure you are a nice person, don't feel too bad.

Thanks for visiting.